Für Immer – Baby Schulz & Martin L. feat. Krümel 3000

Sky Bars

Just came across this great track on soundcloud by Baby Schulz & Martin L. feat. Krümel 3000. A very different song with a great amalgamation of beats and a very unique and captivating vocal style are the hallmarks of this enterprise. The track is called ‘Für Immer’, and with my limited knowledge of German I can translate that as Forever. For a deeper understanding of the lyrics view the traslated version here. For now enjoy the song:

I do not know much about all the artistes involved except that Martin L comes from Weimar, Germany and usually he always combines with baby Schulz and on many occasions their tracks feature a third artiste as well. So visit them on soundcloud, give a few likes, spread the love, für immer \m/!