The Airplanes: West Coast State of Mind

 Really enjoying the latest EP by the super talented Indie Band: The Airplanes. Signature catchy melodies, beautiful lyrics and awesome percussion make this perfect summer evening sunset gazing music. Grab a beer and cherish the golden hour:

The Airplanes: Complacency


‘Complacency’ by The Airplanes is addictive, well done and smart. On the same album as the track ‘Young’ featured earlier, this track also speaks about the realization that the shared exuberance of youth is short-lived and you might as well enjoy it when you are in the moment, even if you tend to be complacent to the other big elephants in the room in the process. Hope you like it and take the sagely piece of advice:

The Airplanes: Paper Hearts

paper hearts

After giving us such joy with Summer Daydream about a year or more ago, Arkansas based indie rock band ‘The Airplanes’ are out with ‘Paper Hearts’ which so far is our top contender for ‘Song of the Year’. The peppy beat belies and simultaneously enhances the existential irony of warped expectations vs reality, metaphorically conveyed via clever lyrics such as ‘With paper hearts we were meant to be fair….’. Do yourself a favour and listen to this one and buy it: