Very Casual, Very Berlin

Two’s company, Three’s a threesome, All the etcetera only completes the orchestra! In the world of symbiotic collaboration, there is no such thing as a crowd. Firstly, there is ‘Casual Lab’,  a house, deep house and tech house independent label based in Berlin that seeks to expand and promote special works worldwide. With new innovative concepts in art, technology and multimedia, Casual Lab is focusing on releasing high quality music and building up newcomers alongside with international guest artists. They promote some really talented new artistes like Sin Tek (whose origins even my Sherlockian capabilities haven’t managed to uncover) and Grooveid (a groovy Italian artiste). Then there are DJs like Skeet, who add their magic around the works crated by such artistes and platforms such as soundcloud, beatport, etc where all these creators share their works for us discerning listeners to relish. Such tunes, based on probability, luck, etc get picked by bloggers like me and get featured on specialized blog publicizing websites like hypem. After all such filtering, the audiences then rate the tracks and these votes separate the hits and the misses (atleast in the online world). As a toast to so many parts working together in harmony, without really meeting one another, here’s to the beauty of sound: