Young Piff and Sandor

young piff

Sometimes things fall into place, like Jameson and Gingerale! And some rhymes sound asinine, like the one you heard in the last line! However, the point is that some combinations work well! Our ‘band of honour’ for the day is the collaboration of Young Piff and Sandor. Young Piff is a producer, rapper, songwriter and hold your breath ‘an engineer’! 4 years of science to become an artist! Happens more often than you think! Yours truly here also labored through 4 years of electronics engineering to work on something completely unrelated! Anyway back to the artiste info; He was born in Nassau, Bahamas and except for the engineering degree, he seems to be self taught in the other areas of his expertise. His actual name is David Darville. His partner in crime on the latest compilation mixtape is Benjamin Hamilton aka ‘Sandor’. I have no further information on Sandor as of now but my usual outsourcing partners: the Interpol, Scotland Yard, CIA and Mossad are working overtime to help me get a better understanding about him. I promise further information once I receive it!

As for the music, it is space altering, time numbing, easy vibed hip hop. I haven’t heard anything of the sort, so comparisons are difficult. So please listen to a few samples yourselves and form your own independent opinions for a change:

If you like what you hear check out their website: From there you can choose your preferred web 2.0 method to follow them. Cheers!