Vincent Lou : Viral EP


Piano driven easy-listening pop melodies from Vincent Lou are perfect comfort music for the melancholy associated with the lovely fall. A very talented musician, with a very soothing voice, Lou’s songs are influenced by artistes like Deathcab for Cutie and Owl City. Produced by Bob Hoag (The Format, The Ataris) and influenced by Taiwan, Arizona and breakups, give these well-crafted tunes a try and you won’t be disappointed:

The Wanderlings


Incorporating the pop-swing sound first pioneered in the late 50’s/early 60’s, which has now evolved into what we call ‘easy-listening, the band in highlight this week is ‘The Wanderlings’ from Nottingham, Britain. Dreamy music, vocals crooned in a lazy haze and videos which refreshingly have ‘what look like real women’ instead of the stick figures that adorn most of today’s media, the experience of listening to them is like taking a trip down memory lane, when things were simpler, prettier, realistic and somehow more enduring.  Sit back and let the sounds waft through your senses:

And also enjoy the voluptiousness in:

If you like what you hear and see, you can follow them on facebook, download their music legitimately on soundcloud and watch their videos on youtube.


Canned Applause : Run Oh My Heart


This week’s feature is for a band called Canned Applause from Germany. It started as a 4 member band somewhere between Hamburg and Berlin, but at the moment is a solo project based out of Jena. The ‘einzel’ band member is Wieland Mikolajczyk. He describes canned applause as a journey with a quest for Polyphony and Harmony.

As for the music, what I heard sounds very promising, especially the new track ‘Run Oh My Heart’, which has a strong bass, catchy vibe, easy vocals, great lyrics and a lilting melody:

More songs are available at the band’s soundcloud page or on their website. Additionally, you can follow the band on facebook. All the songs are legitimately downloadable for no extra cost except your time and love. As with all matters of the heart: The possibilities are endless, hic!