Park Planet: Dropping It

Park Planet, a 3 person band from Glasgow, are out with their slickly executed funktronic labor of love titled ‘Dropping It’. The track, which has a sort of ‘letting go’ mood to it, features impressive percussion work, well-executed beat-ups and wonderful switches in rhythm line, thus living up to its name in mood, melody and technicality. The video is impressively cut as well, featuring imagery, ranging from obvious to psychedelic, that beautifully complements the vibe of the song at that moment. Two thumbs up!

Park Planet: Too tired to sleep (Remixes)

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Park Planet latest album ‘Too tired to sleep’ featuring a number of great tracks like ‘A little bit longer’, ‘All you need’, ‘Circles’, etc is due to be released next month. To promote this album they have come out with a delectable selection of  freely downloadable remixes of the tracks featured on the album. We liked the remixes a lot and wish Park Planet a lot of success with the album. Some of the remixes, which you could download for free:


Park Planet: A little bit longer

Brilliant vocals, catchy melody, super-smooth riffs, kickass tempo… Rock music as it should be! Glasgow based Park Planet, whose unreleased work we regularly support, have an absolute winner with their debut single and independent release, which you can listen to using the Video link above and purchase at We wish them all the very best and loads of success.

Park Planet: Circles


We would like to round off this month and this week with this superbly mixed, beautifully composed, hauntingly melancholic and awesomely sung track by Park Planet (Glasgow based, introduced by us in January). My mind and my music player are both going around in circles with this track on repeat all evening. Sip your Macallan, munch some crisps, sink deep inside your couch and let the sound lazily surround you:

Park Planet: Alive


Glasgow based althernative rock band ‘Park Planet’, whom we introduced in November, have come out with a new single called Alive. The word Alive forms the title of many legendary songs and this new single from Glasgow has enough potential to place it close to its Pearl Jam namesake. A very single malty smooth classic, with great vocals and some fantastic guitar work going for it; this track makes you want to croon along and lose yourselves in its outstanding melody:

Park Planet

Park Planet are a Glasgow based band who like strong melodies and great tunes, at least according to the self description on their soundcloud page. Talk about understatement! I got wind of this band by the soundcloud weather reports and a few eargasms later allow me declare that they seem to be number ‘667’, i.e. one step ahead of this beast called music which consumes most of my time, attention and devotion.

The electronica, drums, guitar lines and vocals blend perfectly and create a mood which you probably won’t discover in the music of many of their contemporaries. The lyrics are usually a simple mantra, almost chant-like to ensure that you become worshippers, followers or in cases like yours truly, evangelists.

A bit of info about the band: Park Planet are Graham (Guitar & Vocal), Gordon (Bass & Vocal) and Leon (Drums & Vocal). Managed by Ann Duff at Boo Management, contact

In my humble opinion (I shall not use the acronym as it looks like a declaration of my charging money for certain time based bodily services), the two songs that lit up my evening:

If you like what you hear, please follow the band on soundcloud or like them on facebook.