Maxwell Demon: Murmur

Incorporating interesting voiceovers ranging from the horrors of Count Dracula to the loftiness of the cockpit conversations and aircraft whirring sounds heard on Floydian Masterpieces like ‘Goodbye blue sky’ or ‘Learning to fly’, Maxwell uses his brilliant hazy voice and ambient, downtempo sounds to whisper relevant witticisms into our ears. Aptly titled Murmur, this deserves multiple listens. A few of our favourites from the album:

Maxwell Demon: Aurora


A smoother Cobain? A gruff Bono? In his new Album Aurora, New York based Maxwell Demon efficiently traverses multiple vocal and musical landscapes in a lazy, laidback style which really he has so wonderfully made his own. The album opens with a mellow yet slightly upbeat Cross and then moves on to the really mellow track with a very addictive rhythm called Laidback followed by a slightly peppy Ballroom which then gives way to a delightful Interlude. After this the album adopts a borderline psychedelic groove with Deep Mass and Castles before it moves on to the wonderfully melodious, poetic and my favourite track on this album called Mirrorhouse. It finishes with Marilyn, which is very hazy, very doped out and slightly angry. Marilyn leads well into the first track Cross, thus giving a sort of cyclic mood to proceedings, somewhat reminiscent of the ways of Greek theatre. Whether the titular reference is astronomical, mythological or one of popular fiction, is a question only Herr Maxwell can answer, but for me this little gem of an album is that bright light for Maxwell which should hopefully propel him to the greater things that he seems to be so capable of. Without further ado, here are my top picks from the album:

If you like what you hear, the whole album can be streamed at soundcloud:
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Maxwell Demon: Tears


New York based self styled musician ‘Maxwell Demon’, who we featured a couple of times last year has come up with the perfect combination of melody and distortion in his latest track called ‘Tears’. With great lyrics and a simple yet mesmerising drum beat to boot, this is just what the doctor ordered to cuddle up under your blanket and listen on repeat for this unforgiving winter’s day:

This song, like most of the others posted by Maxwell are legitimately downloadable for free via soundcloud. So feast your ears and spread the word!

Maxwell Demon – Homewrecker

Maxwell Demon, a talented Bellport, New York based musician whom we introduced in mid August has come up with a video for the single ‘Homewrecker’ from his maiden album Strange Beings. It is a great hazy tune, which you wish went on endlessly. The guitars are muddy, the drums are a treat and the vocals complement the mood as nicely as the waves caressing the beach shown in the video.

In short, Everything under the sun is in tune:

All the songs are available for legitimate free download at his soundcloud page. So listen, enjoy, spread the joy!