Chopstick & Johnjon “Closer” EP


A hypnotic journey, this EP aptly titled ‘Closer’ by Chopstick & Johnjon, transcends your mind closer to the stars while keeping your feet tapping trancily on the earth (for the lack of a more apt word) to its very very organically groovy vibe All thumbs and big toes up for this! We can’t seem to get enough It has been produced by Berlin based label Suol, who have an impressive repertoire.
With New York city’s Ryan Cavanagh aka Slow Hands providing the vocals, the track ‘Catamount’ is a great example of how these two seemingly effortlessly manage to incorporate classy song-writing into a club track
Chopstick & Johnjon always like to show another side of their sound with the last track on their EPs. And this time it is a little gem called ‘Track Of Time’ featuring Larissa Kapp, whose lush vocals on sit beautifully on what is almost a ballad – a ballad with a huge 80s that is.
As just the above mentioned tracks are available for soundcloud streaming, those are the ones that we are posting here, so enjoy and buy the EP for more elation

In the Moment, we have Fun!

Well, came across this video this morning! What can I say? It’s so good at being ridiculous that it’s brilliant! Epitomizing a standstill moment on abicycle whoever is playing the spot-fake-cyclist in the video deserves an oscar, or atleast an applause. The track ‘Leierkasten’ (google translates this to Barrel organs) is great too, made by Tilman & Martin, from Leipzig, Germany. LeipZiggy Stardust potential I would say ! Well, in the future we be working, in the moment, we have fun.. Couldn’t get simpler or better, right?. How about a legit free download at:

Maya Jane Coles

Half Brit, Half Jap, with music thats as delicious and surreal as a Manga Pie! Partly Jazz, partly house this new track from the MJC, ‘Producer of the Year 2011 -DJ Mag’ is to your ears what Mona Lisa is supposed to be for your eyes. Even if (like me), you believe that the Mona Lisa is overrated, noone can deny the perfect blend of vibes in this track. Perfect for a nice evening wind down with a glass of Talisker before heading to the party, or alternatively just at dawn if you aren’t too drunk to care for the music. Without further ado: