Chords of Truth Remixed

Rarely do you come across music that reaffirms the belief  ‘Dancing is Meditation’. If seeking your inner self via channels other than digging your nose is your thing, then throw those overpriced CDs with sounds of Earth/Fire/Water etc out of the window, because nothing will soothe your mind and make your body sway to its natural rhythms like this latest double LP ‘Reflections of Reality (Remixed)’ from Chords of Truth Remixed (COTR 🙂 ahem). The genre is Folktronica and the sound incorporates a really broad spectrum of sub-genres ranging from country music to oriental or middle eastern rhythms to trap-step at times. The lyrics are apt, profound and more than anything else educational. They bring about awareness but also make you wonder. All in all, the artiste has something meaningful to say and does so gracefully, eloquently and in a very welcome understated fashion.
So a bit of information about the Band: COTR is the brainchild of folk singer/songwriter Jason Garriotte from the US. He came out with his debut EP Reflections of Reality in 2011 and at some point decided to embrace electronic music and collaborate with other music producers. This led to the birth of ‘COTR’. As a apart of this project the tracks from Jason’s debut EP have been tasetfully redone/re-edited/re-mastered using the combined creative genius of 14 music producers and we have the new double LP, which is the focus of this blogpost. It is fascinating to see so many perspectives and such a multitude of visions emanating out of a single melody. Without further ado, here are a couple of sample tracks:

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