Slow Hands: All the same (Slow Hands Folk Wash)


A brilliant revamp of one of their older tracks ‘All the same’ by Slow Hands. This is so beautiful, it is beyond words. A wonderful write up about this by the artiste himself can be found at:
As for the song, here it is:

Andrew James and The Steady Tiger

steady tiger

After a while, you feel the need to get back to basics, i.e. crisp sounding instruments, perfectly suited vocals, catchy tunes and relatable lyrics. Andrew James and The Steady Tiger, an indie-folk-acoustic band from Cape Town South Africa, offer just that at a production quality which is so high, that it might adversely impact their touring prospects. They have an album out and it is awesomely titled: ‘Red in Tooth and Claw’

A bit about the band: This is a collaboration between Andrew James (guitar & vocals)and James Van Minnen  “The Steady Tiger ” (drums & percussion). It was recorded during 2011 in the Knysna forest on the south coast of South Africa. Their bandcamp page also says: As far as possible, we set out to capture the integrity of our live sound; the elusive dialogue between two musicians in a room

While these are the main guys, there are more members who add certain vital inputs to their music and the details for the same can be viewed here. For me, the sound is blend of what you would get if John Butler Trio and Newton Faulkner played together. Now the music:

If you like what you hear, don’t forget to check out/purchase their work at bandcamp and view their website. You can also follow them on facebook or soundcloud (with a name like that they should be , if nothing else, easy to find)

Burning Down The Bridges : Clyde Fury

An obscure, nondescript piece of cinema (liberal usage of the word), causes  people (who have no connection to that movie) to lose their lives. Today appropriate depiction has more value than human life! In the name of the Lord we kill and then ironically enough aspire to go to heaven! We follow some general guidelines as strict religious doctrines and forget why those guidelines were framed in the first place : SO THAT WE CAN BE GOOD HUMANS! Apparently, having abundant facial hair is the only true path to Nirvana!

I dedicate this song, by Scottish musician Clyde Fury ( actual name: Martin McCluskey), to all the dimwitted disaster causing nincompoops who are so quick to react without any thought,  that they were probably products of premature ejaculation. As for the song, it is beautiful, lyrical and was not written for this situation in particular, but I felt it fits the scenario somewhat. Martin’s vocals are smoky, husky and sometimes remind me of David Bowie and sometimes of an older Roger Waters (Amused to Death anyone?). His style of music is folksy-bluesy-psychadelic and have a listen to one such track yourself:

If you like the song, visit his soundcloud  page , give a few likes, spread the word and enjoy the free downloads (large file sizes though).