Eluusif – Hair Like Skillrex


Our favourite Alien is back with a signature dubstep track, where he seems more contemplative than ever. He uses the very human vocals of Adorah Johnson beautifully, to ask some deep meaning existential stuff until he beams in with the more imnportant announcements of the physical attributes he so desires to adhere to the extra terrestrial Hipster Trends which are quite frankly, the more important Need of the hour:

Aliens do it better

If you enjoyed the absolutely delirious track ‘I love my Daft Punk’ posted earlier, some more joy has come the way of the universe of  pre-shrunk jeans. The artiste Eluusif,  demonstrates some serious ‘Space Balls’ in the form of his imaginatively titled EP ‘Aliens do it Better’. The sound is danceworthy dubstep, vocals are cheesy, and the lyrics follow the same nonsensically brilliant pattern which probed our  ‘senses’ and stirred our imaginations in the previous single. Without further ado, a couple of top picks form the EP:

You can listen and download the rest of the EP here. You can also read the press release for the EP , check out some awesome album art  here.

Check out an interview with ‘The President’ himself:

Eluusif: I love my Daft Punk

The most important piece of music you will hear all year with lyrics as soulful as the stray pieces of crispy bacon between the burger bread and the bun, and a Daft Punk inspired but suitably adjusted vibe to match the delicious vocals accompanying this symphonic masterpiece:

My jeans are pre shrunk

I love my Daft Punk

Need I say any more?

To understand the mindset of the artiste view the video, which is a fight between aliens, robots and a princess:

The song at the moment is legitamately downloadable from the souncloud link posted above and the artiste also has a website: http://www.eluusif.com/Eluusif/Home.html which you can like on facebook and stuff to stay updated with his stuff.