Drull, the very talented Chillwave duo from Philadelphia, have come out with a video for their latest single ‘Crimson’. It is a superbly shot video, focussing on the details that go unnoticed in every nano second. Watch it yourself, to draw your own conclusions:

I had the privilege to listen to their earlier work and was particularly impressed by their album ‘Hear No Evil’. It creates certain emotions or experiences in some part of your cognitive/neurological system and then like a domino effect, it envelops your system as a whole. Every track is an experience, and the sounds play on each other and with other in words I cannot describe. It just tends to make you fade out into oblivion till it lasts. Have a listen to some sample masterpieces yourself:

They have also been receiving some publicity in recent international music press and I wish them all the very best. If you like what you hear and see, you can follow them on Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/drullofficial or on Bandcamp: http://drull.bandcamp.com/album/drull. And if you are more into visuals then you can also follow their youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/DrullOfficial



Lilu’s Song

Perfect End to an imperfect day! Well not so much imperfect, but lets say ‘less than ideal’! I woke up mildly hungover and realised that my house looks like a wreck,second only to countries destroyed by superpowers looking for WMDs. So as a good citizen I got down to action and after 7 hours of ordeal, I can finally sit back and relax. But then, when you discover such gems like Lilu’s Song by Zefora, you know it has been a good day. All is well that ends well! But when the beginning, intermediate and final sections of an Odyssey make every pore on your skin relax and induce a happy dreamy state without any Mary Jane on offer, you know you have uncovered Stupendosity. Spas might be out of business and the world might be a peaceful place, courtesy: