Park Planet: A little bit longer

Brilliant vocals, catchy melody, super-smooth riffs, kickass tempo… Rock music as it should be! Glasgow based Park Planet, whose unreleased work we regularly support, have an absolute winner with their debut single and independent release, which you can listen to using the Video link above and purchase at We wish them all the very best and loads of success.

The Low Ready


Having a great time listening to some old School classic rock from the stables of Atlanta based rock veterans John Speaks, Paul Curry and Rick Weissinger and ‘western transplant’ Bob Wooley. Very Stonesy feel on the track FGR, which I do admire very much personally as they are my favourite band of all time. The 1300 Demo track has borderline psychadelic elements which create a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere. These guys also seem to have good hearts as their Facebook page Shows them showing their solidarity to some important social causes.Give These Blessed Union of souls a like on their Facebook page: and Get your own dose of satisfaction: