Sam Page: Breach

2013-01-03 14.05.26

After a while we are back on the blogosphere with some timely Californian pop-rock, which to put it mildly is catchy as hell! Sam Page and I are on the ‘same page’ :), about the not taking yourself too seriously bit and that carefree quality adds something extra to the music. It is hard to put in words but it is like the awesome experience of eating a dish prepared by someone who just loves cooking and does not get lost in the precise quantity of ingredients to mix. With powerful guitar riffs, surreal melodies, and great vocals, it is hard to keep your head still. The fact that is so catchy, might make you sometimes dismiss the music as superficial, but repeated listening would drive it into your head that like a great Tiramisu, this one gets better with every layer.A delectable piece from Sam Page’s recently released album ‘Breach’ right here:

The whole album can be sampled and purchased for a tiny sum at . This website will also give you access to all his older work and social netword links to follow his on.

Beach Weather


What would I give for conditions resembling the above? With sub-zero temperatures being the regular order of the day, ideas such as parallel universes, time travel, alternate realities and the like seem all the more enchanting. We cannot change the hand that we are dealt, but we sure can bluff ourselves to a false sense happiness. So with the heaters on at full blast and with a cup of hot cocoa in my hands, I choose to numb my mind and drift into dreamt up sunscapes by listening to:

If easy listening is your stimulant for these times, you can stay updated with more of the like at: