Chopstick & Johnjon “Closer” EP


A hypnotic journey, this EP aptly titled ‘Closer’ by Chopstick & Johnjon, transcends your mind closer to the stars while keeping your feet tapping trancily on the earth (for the lack of a more apt word) to its very very organically groovy vibe All thumbs and big toes up for this! We can’t seem to get enough It has been produced by Berlin based label Suol, who have an impressive repertoire.
With New York city’s Ryan Cavanagh aka Slow Hands providing the vocals, the track ‘Catamount’ is a great example of how these two seemingly effortlessly manage to incorporate classy song-writing into a club track
Chopstick & Johnjon always like to show another side of their sound with the last track on their EPs. And this time it is a little gem called ‘Track Of Time’ featuring Larissa Kapp, whose lush vocals on sit beautifully on what is almost a ballad – a ballad with a huge 80s that is.
As just the above mentioned tracks are available for soundcloud streaming, those are the ones that we are posting here, so enjoy and buy the EP for more elation

Very Casual, Very Berlin

Two’s company, Three’s a threesome, All the etcetera only completes the orchestra! In the world of symbiotic collaboration, there is no such thing as a crowd. Firstly, there is ‘Casual Lab’,  a house, deep house and tech house independent label based in Berlin that seeks to expand and promote special works worldwide. With new innovative concepts in art, technology and multimedia, Casual Lab is focusing on releasing high quality music and building up newcomers alongside with international guest artists. They promote some really talented new artistes like Sin Tek (whose origins even my Sherlockian capabilities haven’t managed to uncover) and Grooveid (a groovy Italian artiste). Then there are DJs like Skeet, who add their magic around the works crated by such artistes and platforms such as soundcloud, beatport, etc where all these creators share their works for us discerning listeners to relish. Such tunes, based on probability, luck, etc get picked by bloggers like me and get featured on specialized blog publicizing websites like hypem. After all such filtering, the audiences then rate the tracks and these votes separate the hits and the misses (atleast in the online world). As a toast to so many parts working together in harmony, without really meeting one another, here’s to the beauty of sound:


Arguably, this is my favourite view of the Berliner Dom! However, as the authorities have decided to re-create a palace, that was destroyed in the communist era, this view will remain like this for a limited time only. For better or worse, things change and I can only hope it is an improvement like the re-edit of the David Bowie track Fame by The Apple Scruffs. It retains its old wax/soul/funky feel but the sound has simply been cleaned out to make it sound crisper. It can also be downloaded for free, but it is a big sized .wav file (which is why hypem won’t pick this track from my blog). Anyways, to positive changes:

The last few days of Sommer

Although we love the summer in Berlin, the truth is that it is about to end. However, this summer wasn’t short of excitement, colour, verve and all the good things associated with the sunshine. The scene won’t look so bright and happy, as it does in the picture above. But we can only appreciate this due to the dull grey days that will follow soon. Anyway, some late summer love from Patty Kay seems like the perfect way to end the season :


Paul kalkbrenner – Das Gezabel

The preview track from Paul Kalkbrenner’s soon to be released album ‘Das Gezabel’ (scheduled for an October release, I guess), came into my mailbox courtesy a digital bundle pre-order on August 3rd. Love the sound and as usual Kalkbrenner delivers with the style, intensity and the Berlinnny/Leipziggy vibe that he seems to master so well. I recommend buying your own digital bundle from to have download access to the track posted below, an album mix and a video of the track. It costs only a euro and 99 cents, so let go of that extra Bratwurst and listen to this:

Airplanes – Summer Daydream

Its a few degrees higher, the sun is out, the birds are chirping, bees are buzzing and I am nursing the ‘lack of a hangover’, for the lack of a better word/phrase. Had only one pint of beer last night! The combination of extreme humidity (by Berlin standards) and virtually no alcohol (by my own standards), made it a night of uncomfortable, disjointed sleep. Consequently, I don’t feel my best and brightest and might just spend the day lying around, daydreaming and sipping choco milkshake in the complimentary Coca Cola glass (1994 edition) from McDonalds, features in the pic with Oakley shades  (Shameless product placement I know :)). Don’t really need a tan (am almost dark by European standards), so no motivation to as they say ‘Soak it in’. In the meanwhile, surfing soundcloud I came across this track by this US base band called ‘The Airplanes’. It fits my situation for the moment perfectly. The drums and the warped sounds in the middle are an absolute delight. I don’t know how I missed this one for so long ( a month). However here it is:

As always, if you like what you here more songs of theirs can be found on their soundcloud/bandcamp pages. All of their stuff is absolutely delightful (eargasm stuff) and  legitimately downloadable for free but you can also pay them what you wish to on bandcamp (I recommend that)

The speak-easy place past the Techno Prosties

When you visit the same bar every Friday night for 4 weekends in a row, I believe it deserves a mention! The place in question is Fire Bar, Berlin, tucked away in a basement on Krausnickstrasse, Hackesher Markt. It is strategically located opposite a Hospital and also very close to the junction of Kraunickstrasse with the ever poppular Oranienburger Strasse, which is always adorned with prostitutes dressed in armor like plastic with peculiar huge pastel colored platform boots. I like the place because of its cheap as hell long drinks (cuba libre for 4 euros anyone?), soft but beautiful music which is always audible but never disrupts your conversations, sink in comfortable leather couches, super friendly staff and the 70s vibe. Last but not the least the place is always filled with super-characters; the bar-tendresses are sexy in a geometric way with unique haircuts and dressing styles outta prodigy music videos, but more than anything everyone there is warm and friendly. Last evening I overheard two British guys giving someone the directions to the place on the telephone. They described it as ‘Come to the speak-easy place past the Techno Prosties’..Couldn’t describe it any better :)! I dedicate the following song to the place , its staff and its patrons: