Dancing Clocks with Synchromatic Perception

Kaleidoscope Eyes

If you enjoyed the strictly Al’Bum’ Art displayed above, you would understand that sometimes that is what life hands you. Packaged beautifully but you gotta keep an eye out for the shit storm that might come your way sooner than you’d be prepared for. Time ticks, perceptions skew, some voices remain mesmerising, trippy and haunting like you imagined them too. Enjoy one such melody to tide over such times like a good single malt with coupla cubes of ice:

And if that doesn’t help, dance your way out of your blues:

Feeling the fire, riding the fast lane


Allison Attal, featured here last month, has come out with an exciting collab with Mexican DJ/Producer Daniel Menzzar. The fruit of this loom is the poetic, lyrical, symphonic, melodious, catchy, frenzied and seriously addictive tack called ‘Insane’. Written, sung and produced with some gusto and chutzpah, this 90’s inspired dance track is quite possibly the single of the month:


Allison Attal

Beautiful Haunting!

One good thing leads to another! And some beauty is ageless, timeless! As the manufacturer of my Jeans (Levis = Product Placement after ages!) says, ‘Quality never goes out of style’! All that I quote can be attributed to the happy accident of discovering the independent work of Allison Attal (the vocalist of the track Translucent in July, featured on my last post). With a voice that is a unique blend of Nadia Ali and  possibly Madonna, with a range of its own and a quirkiness which is both fresh and endearing, she has managed to make me applaud some genres of music which are normally not at the tops of my playlists.

I shall start with the smooth, jazzy track: ‘The Fall’. Enjoy it for its soulfulness, and dreamy hauntiness (if that’s a word) :

Next, is some wonderful work on the synth with great vocals (as always); this track has a mind of its own and works big time:

If you like what you hear, pay her a visit on her soundcloud or like her facebook page. She is good on the eyes too ;)!

Saturn’s Wolf & Allison Attal – Translucent in July

Quite possibly the answer to life, universe and everything! Turns each concept on its head and creates a symphonic spaceship so powerful that it takes you to every conceivable galaxy and back in a matter of six minutes. What I believed was impossible has been proved as just being infinitely improbable!  Saturn’s Wolf and Allison Attal, take a bow: