Brunettes shoot Blondes: Every Monday

Ukrainian band Brunettes Shoot Blondes, who recieved a lot of fame for their viral youtube sensation ‘Knock Knock’ have released an aesthetically pleasing lyric video for their Eurovision 2016 finals selection ‘Every Monday’. They’ve taken the unusual approach of printing every line of the song in handcrafted calligraphy provided by Gian Solamo. Each line was physically pasted on the drum set for every line change in the song. The result is something of beauty for everyone who appreciates beauty and more so for those who are enthralled  by the seduction of typeface done right. In short, it is a beautiful looking video for a very catchy song and the hot legs are a bonus. We love it and hope that you love it too and spread the joy.

Map of the Moon

Vieux Port from the frontKK

A very talented quartet of Paul, John, Tom and Ken, based in Atlanta GA and called ‘Map of the Moon’ are out with their hypnotic self titled EP. Incorporating punchy drums, melodic guitars, powerful vocals and immersing bass the EP starts with Radiohead meets Pearl Jam vibe on ‘give/you something’ and then they take it up a few notches to the almost Stonesy mood in ‘Caught in the middle’. Then ‘little mistake’ with its Barenaked Ladies’ish tempo is a perfect moodsetter before the solid round up with acidy synths and power riffs of ‘freedom from passion’, add to your passions if anything :). This EP is a classic and we highly recommend it. The band can be followed on Facebook at and you can hear it here or stream the EP from band camp using the links below:

Verdensrommet: Aldri igjen EP

The Norwegian indie-pop band Verdensrommet is back with another EP, and this time they’re joined by Emir Hindic, aka. Onge $ushimane (from the rap duo $ushi x Kobe). The EP features the track Aldri igjen (Never Again in English) and several remixes of the same. This is a track that essentially has no coherent structure or form and has random manifestations of multiple genres (electronica, ambient, hip hop, etc) coexisting and at times fighting for supremacy. It hits you hard and the remixes are as pleasingly diverse as chalk and cheese. Definitely not meant for a sunny afternoon stroll, but walk down some of the graffiti lined streets of a metropolis with this in your earphones after sunset and you’ll be one with your urbaniverse.
The whole EP can be streamed from: or the soundcloud link which you can figure out using the stuff we have embedded below.

Below are a few of our favourites from this EP:

Twin Haus: Nothing Lavish


Psychedelic Synths, Trippy Drums, Haunting reverb, poignant punctuating guitar solos and thumping drum work. The music is clearly reminiscent of Pink Floyd with shades of Dreamtheater (especially the drum work) and the vocals range between the earlier Floyd albums like Meddle and the kind of stuff one hears in the earlier works of The Verve. Twin Haus is a Meisterwerk (I’m only using German because of the way they spell Haus in their name) with tons of promise and a their album Nothing Lavish is a much needed shot in the arm for this wonderful genre of music that badly needs some rejuvenation. Twin Haus are based in the wonderful city of Brisbane in the land down under and comprise D.Grima, Z.Degnan, I Memon and N McMillan. Their latest album nothing album has been recorded at Bedlam Records, Brisbane. We urge you to support this great bunch of artistes by buying their work in heaps. So, without further ado, please submerge yourselves into this world of welcome mental decomposition:

Sillyboy: Stalker

During the glorious summer of 2012, when we started with this website, one of the first bands that we featured that made a profound impact on us was Sillyboy. Based out of Athens, Sillyboy’s dazzling incorporation of diverse musical styles under one umbrella in their first album ‘Nature of Things’ had us stoked for good reason. Every song was a masterpiece, which is rare for any album featuring more than 5 tracks and Nature of Things had double that number. They seem to have only gotten better while maintaining this knack of 100% song brilliance in their new album Stalker. The album deals with a controversial subject in a very interesting way, best described as easy going obsession and attempts to reveal an alternate point of view, subtly goading us to refrain from naively painting every action in black and white. In short, this album is a grey zone ‘Tour de force’, Bowie meets Depeche Mode, and I urge you to listen to it, spread the word, buy it ( and make Sillyboy rich. Until that great purchasing decision that you absolutely will have to make, please enjoy the tracks here:

Chopstick & Johnjon “Closer” EP


A hypnotic journey, this EP aptly titled ‘Closer’ by Chopstick & Johnjon, transcends your mind closer to the stars while keeping your feet tapping trancily on the earth (for the lack of a more apt word) to its very very organically groovy vibe All thumbs and big toes up for this! We can’t seem to get enough It has been produced by Berlin based label Suol, who have an impressive repertoire.
With New York city’s Ryan Cavanagh aka Slow Hands providing the vocals, the track ‘Catamount’ is a great example of how these two seemingly effortlessly manage to incorporate classy song-writing into a club track
Chopstick & Johnjon always like to show another side of their sound with the last track on their EPs. And this time it is a little gem called ‘Track Of Time’ featuring Larissa Kapp, whose lush vocals on sit beautifully on what is almost a ballad – a ballad with a huge 80s that is.
As just the above mentioned tracks are available for soundcloud streaming, those are the ones that we are posting here, so enjoy and buy the EP for more elation

Bad Reed: Punch It

Punching it with their crushing debut EP are Bad Reed, Costa Chatzis on percussion, Austin Sharpe on bass, Sydney Sollazzo on vocals and keyboards, and Graham Walker on guitars. Hailing from small towns and diverse backgrounds, Bad Reed consists of members with varying music taste. This is evident on the EP as something with as few as 3 tracks manages to cover a wide spectrum of musical styles ranging from jazz blues to progressive rock. We thank our friends at Independent Music Promotions for sharing this with us and you can enjoy it here:

You can follow them socially at

Gudjohr: Zed Songs Part 1 & 2


Gudjohr, the solo project of the very talented Kips Golden from Brighton, is out with a very promising musical experience to kick 2016 off. Zed Songs, Part 1 and 2 is a collection of songs written by him (and Tor Sanderson and Jack Harvey on a couple of tracks) over the last 5 years, which is amply clear once you listen to them, courtesy the wide range of musical styles and moods in there. You are taken on a beautiful musical journey with beautiful percussion work, moodishly good strumming and peaty vocals which complement the feeling perfectly like a good single malt does. What I especially like is the way the lyrics are written and how themes described in an earlier track are revisited with more evolved emotions, sometimes more obviously intense and sometimes peppered with wry humour. Some of these are works of pure genius like the sample below:
I can fall in and out of style.
In a way that makes you smile.
In a way that makes you mine.
For a while.
No Tears.
Who knew time could be so cruel?

So without further ado, please have a listen and support the artiste by purchasing 🙂


Vincent Lou : Viral EP


Piano driven easy-listening pop melodies from Vincent Lou are perfect comfort music for the melancholy associated with the lovely fall. A very talented musician, with a very soothing voice, Lou’s songs are influenced by artistes like Deathcab for Cutie and Owl City. Produced by Bob Hoag (The Format, The Ataris) and influenced by Taiwan, Arizona and breakups, give these well-crafted tunes a try and you won’t be disappointed:

AFFAIRS: Brothers (Single)

DSC_0889 copy (1)

The upcoming synth-pop single ‘Brothers’ by Manchester based band ‘AFFAIRS’ incorporates prominent vocal hooks and bittersweet lyrics about unconditional brotherly love inspired by the film ‘The Warrior’. This is a very well crafted track where the combination of powerhouse synths with clever guitar work creates an addictive beat that see-saws between optimistic and melancholic very smoothly perfectly complementing the beautifully rendered vocals which take you through a journey of emotions about the highs and lows of sibling relationships, which can prevail despite the numerous obstacles that over-familiarity is often saddled with. Recorded at The Kinks’ Konk Studios and with artwork from Matthew Cooper (Caribou, Wild Beasts, Arctic Monkeys), Brothers is an uplifting track that sees the band’s creative relationship with Suede, Pulp, Courteeners, The Raindrops producer Ed Buller mature to new heights. We would like to thank Futureproof Promotions for making us aware of this awesome track and this very promising band. So, without further ado, enjoy the song: