Said the Ghost : Inhale Day EP

‘Inhale Day’, the first part of a two part EP project called ‘Breathe Life’ by ‘Said the Ghost’ (the solo project of Brighton based Jamie Lees), just came out on Summer Solstice. The second part of this grand production will be out on Winter Solstice, and that should literally cover the long and short of it ;). As for Inhale Day, it is a celebration of new beginnings with its shoegazy meditative guitar riffs, soulful singing and a distinctive fusion-hymnlike vibe which submerges your mind and unleashes splashes positive energy in your limbic system. What is clearly impressive is Jamie’s musical and vocal prowess. For starters, his soothing yet versatile voice will be at home in musical styles as diverse as Indian and Irish. To top it off, the eclectic sound that draws some comparisons to Everything Everything and Dutch Uncles, Grizzly Bear, Field Music, White Denim, War on Drugs, St.Vincent, even Stevie Wonder at times, is something that Jamie and Nick Lewis (Mastering) should be very very proud of. We can’t recommend this enough and please purchase this EP from the band camp links below and encourage Jamie for an even more stupendous return with the second part ‘Exhale Night’ later this year. Get ready to get immersed:

Aurganic: Deviations

Aurganics! Like the chemical symbolism of their name suggests, they might as well be Goldsmiths! The duo comprising Mike and Leo, who have teamed up with super vocalists like Joel Goguen and Scott Carruthers for their latest album Deviations, have delivered a kaleidoscope of sounds, lyrics, experiences and concepts that interplay beautifully leaving you spellbound, elevated and entertained. This album is a triumph and we would like to get straight to the point by posting all the tracks:

We would like to thank James Moore from Independent Music Promotions for sharing this with us!