Korbian – Levit8tion

2013-03-05 12.36.56

Korbian, aka Ian Nobbs, a deep and progressive House musician from Chelmsford, Britain has released his debut EP titled Levit8tion a fortnight ago. As he says ‘he is a self declared purveyor of tech, deep and progressive house’, this generally sums up the mood of the EP. I found it to be very warm, reflective, melodic and a moodsetter. It takes you to a higher plane, brings you back and shuffles you between stuff and dimensions tucked away in remote areas of your sub-conscious mind. The production quality is top notch and polished, nothing amateur on offer, in other words! So let us move on the the track, that Ian claims is the most representative of the EP:

Apart from his work on the EP, which can be bought on Beatport , he also recently remixed the track ‘Thinking about you’ from Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange album. We found that the fusion of the Frank’s infectious chorus and Korbian’s progressive melody create a very catchy tech-trance-like vibe which works very well for this track. This is a dancefloor explosion waiting to happen:

SPC ECO : Push (EP)

UK based father daughter duo ‘SPC ECO’ (pronounced Space Echo) comprising Dean Garcia (formerly Curve, Eurythmics) and Rose Berlin have released their latest EP titled Push. This is a funky, noir, dimension altering, space skewing piece of work which is in one word best described as layered. Like a trifle pudding or a shepherd’s pie, based on your preferences for the sweet or salty, there is much to cherish and bite into. The base lines are solid, rhythms catchy, the programming and percussions are top notch and Rose has such a damningly evocative/seductive voice, that these songs are orgasmic in themselves or alternatively offer perfect background music for such dopamine releases! Go afro in the sac with this aphrodisiac or in one word ‘Push’ ;):

Space Echo usually collaborate with many artistes for their EPs and on this particular one they feature and thank:
Jarek Leskiewicz for his shimmering guitars and Slade Templeton Electronica on Push (Lady Barcelona) Remix. If you like what you hear, purchase this EP for a very attractive price on bandcamp: http://spceco.bandcamp.com/album/push-ep

Firas Tarhini


It is only fair that our first post in this new year features an artiste from a country which was one of the world’s earliest to witness the start of 2013. And when you hear the work of someone as accomplished in his craft as Firas Tarhini from Australia is, the choice is that much more automatic. With dreamy rhythms, funky pianowork and very crisp yet deep melodies, the future of Gold Coast promises to be bright and shiny. So, we wish you a glorious time in the coming year with this aptly titled new single called Glory:

Glory(the single) is legitimately downloadable using the soundcloud link above for a limited time. And since we really liked Firas’s other work as well, we will leave you to listen to what we consider to be his top track thus far:

If you like the stuff posted above, please support the artiste on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/firastarhini.official
Until next time: Cheers, Beers and Fiery Chicken Wings!

Towers (Slow Hands)

This is just the best song to have come out in quite a while! Slow Hands has come up with this super cover of the song Towers by Bon Iver. Truth be told this more of a redux than a simple ‘Cover’, like Slow Hands aka Josh puts it modestly in the song title and something I have curiously missed including in the title of this blogpost. So have a listen, download it for free while its available , and feel the summer vibe coming on!


One of the main proponents of the current slow-mo and sultry house revolution, Slow Hands aka Ryan Cavanagh is an organic specialist. His rich yet languid style bares all the hallmarks of the classical and compositional training he has had, whilst everything from jazz to blues to trippy electronica inform the New Yorker’s well honed production palette. Highly recommended amongst his other works  would be ‘Rough Patch’ and ‘Kreuzberg Blues’ from 2011.

I came across another great track by him today done four months ago, This is the Slow Hands edit for the Richie Havens Classic: Going Back to My Roots:

For more aural pleasures listen to the old maestro himself having a go at it himself :

Trippy Tropical Lounge


This week’s post is dedicated to one of favourite digital musicians of today: Goldroom. Goldroom is actually Josh Pegg from LA and specializes in originals, remixes and mixes. The music is distinctive in a way that I can say, its Goldroom’s work but in no way is it repititive. The image in my head that usually associates itself with the sound of Goldroom’s music is ‘chilling around on a beach, not taking a dip, soaking in the sun and the sand but yet there is some inherent melancholic longing at the back of your mind’..

Without further ado, here are couple of my favourites:


Morgan’s Bay:


We can dance – Lancelot

Red Light – Gigamesh

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If you are into house music, do not miss this promising talent from Pennsylvania who goes by the name of Forekast. Forekast is actually a 22 year old DJ and label owner called Darren Ross who (according to his self description) makes music and stuff. All tracks are available for free downloads at soundcloud. I particularly liked the track posted below:

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