Quiet People

quiet people

We are delighted to present the sibling trio of John, Joy and Luke Cyr from Tallahassee, who play lovely little melodies which combine a variety of influences like folk, jazz & alternative rock. Joy’s vocals are somewhat reminiscent of Andrea Corr, while the music and groove is not really as Pop-Celtic as that of the Corrs. It tilts more towards the jazz/indie side with a powerful drumline and crisp guitar being the hallmarks on most tracks. Their latest album Childproof was released in December 2012 and here are what we believe to be the best representatives of the album:

If you like what you hear, follow them on their website: http://www.quiet-people.com/ and it goes without saying, purchase their stuff and spread the word.

Det mekaniska undret: Olika Sidor Av Staden, Sockerbruket

Swedish musician Andreas Österberg who goes by the name of Det mekaniska undret, came up with the novel and unexplored question : What do people listen to when they travel by public transport?. This was the inspiration for him to create a music album based on the route covered by Tram 11 in his city Gothenburg, which has the most extensive tram network in Scandinavia. The concept is great and the execution even better. Each station on the track gets a sing and some also get a video. As is with every city, every neighbourhood or every phase of the journey has a distinctive mood or flavor which has been beautifully captured by Andreas’s music. I cannot follow the vocals, as I don’t understand Swedish, but if you ever needed an example of music being free from the barriers of language, this is your album A sample of the music on offer in the album:

The whole video-playlist for the album is there on youtube and can be viewed by clicking:

The whole album is there for listening on soundcloud and the videos/music/artwork can all be downloaded legit for free from: http://23seconds.org/063.htm

All this happened a year ago, but more recently Andreas has come up with a shoegazy track called Sockerbruket. This is strikingly different from his earlier work and kicks serious arse. It starts off slowly with a delayed oscillating buildup and then the drums kick in at the perfect instant followed by the bare essential distorted vocal sounds. This then leads us to the part where the flangey guitar/high-pitched piano comes in and as a final addition to complete this flavorsome recipe, we have the wonderful garnishing of the keyboards. I especially liked the part where after the drop the song changes texture and then ends with a wonderful screechy sound. Enough said, listen and enjoy:

Hiatus & Shura: Lionesque


This song is just so beautiful, melancholic, sexy, brilliant and many more adjectives only trying to appreciate its surreal charm. Words can’t do justice but the image above (with a few words) partially reflects my true feelings about this! On my 6th repeat now and am not remotely tired of it, sigh!

Enjoy the song and download it for free by following the path:


Allison Attal

Beautiful Haunting!

One good thing leads to another! And some beauty is ageless, timeless! As the manufacturer of my Jeans (Levis = Product Placement after ages!) says, ‘Quality never goes out of style’! All that I quote can be attributed to the happy accident of discovering the independent work of Allison Attal (the vocalist of the track Translucent in July, featured on my last post). With a voice that is a unique blend of Nadia Ali and  possibly Madonna, with a range of its own and a quirkiness which is both fresh and endearing, she has managed to make me applaud some genres of music which are normally not at the tops of my playlists.

I shall start with the smooth, jazzy track: ‘The Fall’. Enjoy it for its soulfulness, and dreamy hauntiness (if that’s a word) :

Next, is some wonderful work on the synth with great vocals (as always); this track has a mind of its own and works big time:

If you like what you hear, pay her a visit on her soundcloud or like her facebook page. She is good on the eyes too ;)!

Jason Ross Evans

Just stumbled upon this promising band from New York: Jason Ross Evans. According to their website:

The Jason Ross Evans Band combines post-rock and jazz to create a unique sound. They are influenced by artists such as Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai, Broken Social Scene, and Bill Frisell. Formed in 2011, the gang includes:

Jason Ross Evans–guitar
Rick Martinez–drums
Martin Delahaye–bass
Veronica Garcia-Melendez–keyboard

They have performed at such venues as: Sullivan Hall, The Delancey, The National Underground, Bowery Poetry Club, and The 55 Bar in New York City. Currently, they are recording our new album with a release set for Summer

The song I liked the most from their upcoming album From the beginning is :

I can only wish them the very best with the soon-to-be-released album. Lately they have started experimenting with vocals for some of their tracks. The tracks from the album and some other unfinished tracks can be found on their soundcloud page: http://soundcloud.com/jasonrossevans