Slow Hands – Cameo Culture (Parts of you and I)

Slow Hands is back with as many as 7 new tracks today! Feel like I’ve won the superlotto! I like a lot of music but amongst the digital slo-mo genre I rate Slow Hands as a cut above the rest, like I rate Pink Floyd compared to music as a whole. This time the track that has caught my attention the most or almost is the remix of Parts of You and I by Cameo Culture. Cameo Culture is an accomplished musician in his own right, an Australian Native who now lives in Brooklyn and creates electronic sexiness from time to time. So here it is:

And that’s not all that rocks about the 7 tracks posted today, visit the soundcloud page for many more gems like :

PS: Best enjoyed on stuff that delivers high quality audio like the earphones featured above. Yeah, Dr Dre is paying me too ;).

Towers (Slow Hands)

This is just the best song to have come out in quite a while! Slow Hands has come up with this super cover of the song Towers by Bon Iver. Truth be told this more of a redux than a simple ‘Cover’, like Slow Hands aka Josh puts it modestly in the song title and something I have curiously missed including in the title of this blogpost. So have a listen, download it for free while its available , and feel the summer vibe coming on!

Maya Jane Coles

Half Brit, Half Jap, with music thats as delicious and surreal as a Manga Pie! Partly Jazz, partly house this new track from the MJC, ‘Producer of the Year 2011 -DJ Mag’ is to your ears what Mona Lisa is supposed to be for your eyes. Even if (like me), you believe that the Mona Lisa is overrated, noone can deny the perfect blend of vibes in this track. Perfect for a nice evening wind down with a glass of Talisker before heading to the party, or alternatively just at dawn if you aren’t too drunk to care for the music. Without further ado: