PLGRMS: Pieces


Every once in a while there comes a song that reminds me of that wonderful quote from ‘A Clockwork Orange’ while the protagonist listened to Beethoven’s Ninth: ‘Oh bliss! Bliss and heaven! Oh, it was gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh. It was like a bird of rarest-spun heaven metal or like silvery wine flowing in a spaceship, gravity all nonsense now‘. I can’t phrase my praise for this layered beauty of a track from PLGRMS any better, so just listen to it and then listen to it again and again and again:

There is also a video for this track, which I unfortunately can’t access from Germany due to it being blocked by one of the most controversial authorities here ‘GEMA’. A link to the track, should you be located anywhere other than the fatherland:

A bit of info about the band: PLGRMS is a duo comprised of the talented Australian born, London-based singer-songwriter Toma Banjanin and accomplished Sydney songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Bowden.The track (shared above) is co-written and produced by Jimmy Lyell – one half of internationally-renowned electronic duo Flight Facilities – and also features The Preatures’ Luke Davison on drums.

Bella Loka: Escape (EP)

A powerful husky voice, sometimes almost classical, sometimes straight out of the 80’s! Camden Town, London based synth-pop husband/wife duo Tea and David Boothby combine wonderfully to belt out crazily beautiful winners in their musical avatar, which is aptly titled: Bella Loka! Their first EP Escape bounces Tea’s gorgeous voice against infectious vibrant melodies, sometimes almost satirically cheerful and at others appropriately ambient. Give it a listen, croon and buy some tunes:

This Album is available on iTunes and the band can be followed/supported using the following links:

Aurganic: Deviations

Aurganics! Like the chemical symbolism of their name suggests, they might as well be Goldsmiths! The duo comprising Mike and Leo, who have teamed up with super vocalists like Joel Goguen and Scott Carruthers for their latest album Deviations, have delivered a kaleidoscope of sounds, lyrics, experiences and concepts that interplay beautifully leaving you spellbound, elevated and entertained. This album is a triumph and we would like to get straight to the point by posting all the tracks:

We would like to thank James Moore from Independent Music Promotions for sharing this with us!

Anthony Craig: A Disclosure


Some emotional electro-trip-pop from UK based producer/singer/songwriter Anthony Craig comprises the majority of his debut album ‘A Disclosure’. Clearly very heartfully rendered, the vocals perfectly suit the mood of the album, but it is the blues and folks influences in the background which mix so well with the semi soft-dub vibe, that give this album a very layered sound and this creates very unique and engaging experience. Please listen to a few samples below:

If you like what you hear the album can be purchased at itunes or bandcamp:

Camera2 : Forever Lost and some other stuff

Camera2, whom we featured a couple of months earlier for their smashing video ‘Just about made it’, have come out with a new single and a video for it. Titled ‘Forever Lost’, the video features the same main protagonist who made his debut in the previous video. It is more about how long cna you fool yourselves or convince yourselves about hope and how sometimes it is easy to cave in or soak it in, depending on how you perceive it. The sound is like a combination of ‘Cut Copy’ with a hint of U2 thrown in near the chorus sections. I am unsure if I introduced the band in my previous post but Brooklyn foursome Camera2 is made up of producer-songwriter-vocalist – Andy Chase (Tahiti 80/Juliana Hatfield/Smashing Pumpkins), guitarist – Michael Jurin (Stellastarr*), bassist – Aric Gillis (Teenage Kick) and drummer – Mike Williams (Teddybears). The band came together in mid-2012 and soon after completed an album Andy wrote and produced in his home studio with co-production by Blondfire’s Bruce Driscoll. Camera2 is a decidedly new direction and a departure from the sounds of the previous projects for all the members who have now stepped into a harder hitting, darker, upbeat and more electronically driven indie-universe. Now for the soundcloud link to the song as always :

I was about to finish the post off here, but the soundcloud sequence for Camera 2 has thrown up a few more recent gems, which I would like to share with all of you:

Wasted is a particularly kickass track in my humble opinion. If you like what you hear, please follow them on facebook or on their website:

SPC ECO : Push (EP)

UK based father daughter duo ‘SPC ECO’ (pronounced Space Echo) comprising Dean Garcia (formerly Curve, Eurythmics) and Rose Berlin have released their latest EP titled Push. This is a funky, noir, dimension altering, space skewing piece of work which is in one word best described as layered. Like a trifle pudding or a shepherd’s pie, based on your preferences for the sweet or salty, there is much to cherish and bite into. The base lines are solid, rhythms catchy, the programming and percussions are top notch and Rose has such a damningly evocative/seductive voice, that these songs are orgasmic in themselves or alternatively offer perfect background music for such dopamine releases! Go afro in the sac with this aphrodisiac or in one word ‘Push’ ;):

Space Echo usually collaborate with many artistes for their EPs and on this particular one they feature and thank:
Jarek Leskiewicz for his shimmering guitars and Slade Templeton Electronica on Push (Lady Barcelona) Remix. If you like what you hear, purchase this EP for a very attractive price on bandcamp:

Dancing Clocks with Synchromatic Perception

Kaleidoscope Eyes

If you enjoyed the strictly Al’Bum’ Art displayed above, you would understand that sometimes that is what life hands you. Packaged beautifully but you gotta keep an eye out for the shit storm that might come your way sooner than you’d be prepared for. Time ticks, perceptions skew, some voices remain mesmerising, trippy and haunting like you imagined them too. Enjoy one such melody to tide over such times like a good single malt with coupla cubes of ice:

And if that doesn’t help, dance your way out of your blues:

Park Planet

Park Planet are a Glasgow based band who like strong melodies and great tunes, at least according to the self description on their soundcloud page. Talk about understatement! I got wind of this band by the soundcloud weather reports and a few eargasms later allow me declare that they seem to be number ‘667’, i.e. one step ahead of this beast called music which consumes most of my time, attention and devotion.

The electronica, drums, guitar lines and vocals blend perfectly and create a mood which you probably won’t discover in the music of many of their contemporaries. The lyrics are usually a simple mantra, almost chant-like to ensure that you become worshippers, followers or in cases like yours truly, evangelists.

A bit of info about the band: Park Planet are Graham (Guitar & Vocal), Gordon (Bass & Vocal) and Leon (Drums & Vocal). Managed by Ann Duff at Boo Management, contact

In my humble opinion (I shall not use the acronym as it looks like a declaration of my charging money for certain time based bodily services), the two songs that lit up my evening:

If you like what you hear, please follow the band on soundcloud or like them on facebook.

Feeling the fire, riding the fast lane


Allison Attal, featured here last month, has come out with an exciting collab with Mexican DJ/Producer Daniel Menzzar. The fruit of this loom is the poetic, lyrical, symphonic, melodious, catchy, frenzied and seriously addictive tack called ‘Insane’. Written, sung and produced with some gusto and chutzpah, this 90’s inspired dance track is quite possibly the single of the month:


Hiatus & Shura: Lionesque


This song is just so beautiful, melancholic, sexy, brilliant and many more adjectives only trying to appreciate its surreal charm. Words can’t do justice but the image above (with a few words) partially reflects my true feelings about this! On my 6th repeat now and am not remotely tired of it, sigh!

Enjoy the song and download it for free by following the path: