Keeping it Underground , courtesy Korbian


UK based Korbian, whom we introduced a few weeks ago has been pretty busy in the last few weeks releasing one variant of funk laced laid back awesomeness after another. He seems to be in a great mood too and is giving away a couple of tracks for free, only to spread the joy. Additionally his latest release with VSR records is due on the the 6th of May and here is a partial sample track from that release :

All the very best with this to Korbain!
After that bit of loungey tech house, here is my favourite piece of work by him in the last couple of weeks. Moved every time, has a lot going for it. Deep deep house, great synths and super work on the percussion. You can meditate to it or dance to it or let it play in the background while you do something Mondayne on a Tuesday. Yippey yah yei, Schweinebacke (i know the original, the german one is somehow cuter), this will uplift you! Not quite in ways that Bruce Willis intended, but mostly that’s a good thing:

And now to add a bit of sauciness to the proceedings, the next one is called desire. Some might call it the root cause of sorrow, but then they wouldn’t know what to do tommorrow! This is more garagey and makes you move instantly and can be downloaded for free like the previous one. Lust it out and lap it up:

SPC ECO : Push (EP)

UK based father daughter duo ‘SPC ECO’ (pronounced Space Echo) comprising Dean Garcia (formerly Curve, Eurythmics) and Rose Berlin have released their latest EP titled Push. This is a funky, noir, dimension altering, space skewing piece of work which is in one word best described as layered. Like a trifle pudding or a shepherd’s pie, based on your preferences for the sweet or salty, there is much to cherish and bite into. The base lines are solid, rhythms catchy, the programming and percussions are top notch and Rose has such a damningly evocative/seductive voice, that these songs are orgasmic in themselves or alternatively offer perfect background music for such dopamine releases! Go afro in the sac with this aphrodisiac or in one word ‘Push’ ;):

Space Echo usually collaborate with many artistes for their EPs and on this particular one they feature and thank:
Jarek Leskiewicz for his shimmering guitars and Slade Templeton Electronica on Push (Lady Barcelona) Remix. If you like what you hear, purchase this EP for a very attractive price on bandcamp:

A. N.I.C.E Casual Time


A couple of weeks ago, we introduced the very funky record label ‘Casual Labs’ from Berlin and vouched our admiration for what they do. After a bit more follow up on their work, we discovered that this is the brainchild of the very talented musician A.N.I.C.E who also hails from this wonderful city. Her myspace page for a bit more info:

Casual Lab have announced their last EP for the year (To be released on December 21st). Titled ‘Various Artists – Casual Lovers’ it features A.N.I.C.E’s deft magic on all of the tracks and also other wonderful musicians like Mike Starr and Lars Neubert. We hope to hear more from the stables of Casual Labs all through next year and wish all involved a very Happy New Year!. Here come the samples from this truly enchanting EP:

In party we trust!

Ever wondered what’s rocking the Buenos ‘Aer’waves of late? Blackship Records, a young record label and cultural producer from Argentina sent us the links to their groovy first singles collection a few days ago. Before we get to the song and dance, a bit of a description about what Blackship records does:

It was founded by Gabriel Conti a.k.a Bike Warrior,  who is also the founder of  ”In Party We Trust” one of the most popular festivals of EDM in Argentina. This year, ‘In Party we trust’ celebrated their first anniversary and they have a video out on vimeo. The gif posted above is a still from that video and click it if you don’t see the sidey special effects. On the whole, this looks like a great initiative and it certainly seems to be a good idea to hit up one of their parties if you are down in the land of the non-anglo ‘Mate’.

As for the singles, they are five absolute dancefloor petardos in todos but the ones I personally liked the most from the collection are:

Other than that ‘Blackship Records’ and ‘In party we trust’ have numerous channels to be in constant touch with you all. So lap it all up and dance until the Sol comes out of the Soul in the following ways:




Für Immer – Baby Schulz & Martin L. feat. Krümel 3000

Sky Bars

Just came across this great track on soundcloud by Baby Schulz & Martin L. feat. Krümel 3000. A very different song with a great amalgamation of beats and a very unique and captivating vocal style are the hallmarks of this enterprise. The track is called ‘Für Immer’, and with my limited knowledge of German I can translate that as Forever. For a deeper understanding of the lyrics view the traslated version here. For now enjoy the song:

I do not know much about all the artistes involved except that Martin L comes from Weimar, Germany and usually he always combines with baby Schulz and on many occasions their tracks feature a third artiste as well. So visit them on soundcloud, give a few likes, spread the love, für immer \m/!

Paul kalkbrenner – Das Gezabel

The preview track from Paul Kalkbrenner’s soon to be released album ‘Das Gezabel’ (scheduled for an October release, I guess), came into my mailbox courtesy a digital bundle pre-order on August 3rd. Love the sound and as usual Kalkbrenner delivers with the style, intensity and the Berlinnny/Leipziggy vibe that he seems to master so well. I recommend buying your own digital bundle from to have download access to the track posted below, an album mix and a video of the track. It costs only a euro and 99 cents, so let go of that extra Bratwurst and listen to this: