Hiatus & Shura: Lionesque


This song is just so beautiful, melancholic, sexy, brilliant and many more adjectives only trying to appreciate its surreal charm. Words can’t do justice but the image above (with a few words) partially reflects my true feelings about this! On my 6th repeat now and am not remotely tired of it, sigh!

Enjoy the song and download it for free by following the path:


Saturn’s Wolf & Allison Attal – Translucent in July

Quite possibly the answer to life, universe and everything! Turns each concept on its head and creates a symphonic spaceship so powerful that it takes you to every conceivable galaxy and back in a matter of six minutes. What I believed was impossible has been proved as just being infinitely improbable!  Saturn’s Wolf and Allison Attal, take a bow:

Für Immer – Baby Schulz & Martin L. feat. Krümel 3000

Sky Bars

Just came across this great track on soundcloud by Baby Schulz & Martin L. feat. Krümel 3000. A very different song with a great amalgamation of beats and a very unique and captivating vocal style are the hallmarks of this enterprise. The track is called ‘Für Immer’, and with my limited knowledge of German I can translate that as Forever. For a deeper understanding of the lyrics view the traslated version here. For now enjoy the song:

I do not know much about all the artistes involved except that Martin L comes from Weimar, Germany and usually he always combines with baby Schulz and on many occasions their tracks feature a third artiste as well. So visit them on soundcloud, give a few likes, spread the love, für immer \m/!