Sillyboy: Stalker

During the glorious summer of 2012, when we started with this website, one of the first bands that we featured that made a profound impact on us was Sillyboy. Based out of Athens, Sillyboy’s dazzling incorporation of diverse musical styles under one umbrella in their first album ‘Nature of Things’ had us stoked for good reason. Every song was a masterpiece, which is rare for any album featuring more than 5 tracks and Nature of Things had double that number. They seem to have only gotten better while maintaining this knack of 100% song brilliance in their new album Stalker. The album deals with a controversial subject in a very interesting way, best described as easy going obsession and attempts to reveal an alternate point of view, subtly goading us to refrain from naively painting every action in black and white. In short, this album is a grey zone ‘Tour de force’, Bowie meets Depeche Mode, and I urge you to listen to it, spread the word, buy it ( and make Sillyboy rich. Until that great purchasing decision that you absolutely will have to make, please enjoy the tracks here:

The Blac Swan – Pollock’s Bash


New York based funky nu disco group ‘The Blac Swan’ who we featured late last year have come out with a couple of new tracks lately. Their recent single ‘Pollock’s Bash’ has achieved much success on beatport and other music charts lately and we aren’t surprised. The lovely sudden drops, funky vibes and the overall top notch quality make this a dance floor must-have from the word go. Feel the power:


Another recent track which captured our imagination and made us want to go grab our gear and drive out to nowhere for some unexpected adventure experience was the motivating, adrenalin pumping and absolutely sickeningly groovy ‘Night Drive’:

4 Cities: Games

game for one

A peppy riff, action sport friendly vibe, perfect blend of electronica and guitar: 4 Cities are back with their smashing new single ‘Games’. All I can say is ‘It was worth the wait’. A nice funky 70’s vibe with the aid of modern technology and a a touch of the 90’s in the vocals. Have fun and dance and own your world:



The Blac Swan

So, how about some funky disco vibes then? Swim and Fly on the dance floor to the tunes of this week’s featured band : ‘The Blac Swan’ from NY, USA. According to their soundcloud description, ‘They make modern classics’. Don’t go in expecting Ludwig Van and you won’t be disappointed would be my 2 cents.

A little more detail about them: It’s been about 2 years since they started out. Until now they’d been doing remixes and djing while working on their original songs, and they now have their debut EP released. It’s title is We Flyin’. As we are in the mood for equality today (as some feisty Czech woman who was crowned Miss Earth today might want for the world), we would include our favourite original and favourite remix from the bunch:

The Blac Swan have achieved considerable success in a short while; We Flyin’ had been ranked #1 on Nu Disco Release Chart for 1 week and #14 on overall Beatport’s album Release Chart. If you like what you hear head over to their soundcloud page: and you can buy their tracks on Beatport. Enjoy the funky journey!

In party we trust!

Ever wondered what’s rocking the Buenos ‘Aer’waves of late? Blackship Records, a young record label and cultural producer from Argentina sent us the links to their groovy first singles collection a few days ago. Before we get to the song and dance, a bit of a description about what Blackship records does:

It was founded by Gabriel Conti a.k.a Bike Warrior,  who is also the founder of  ”In Party We Trust” one of the most popular festivals of EDM in Argentina. This year, ‘In Party we trust’ celebrated their first anniversary and they have a video out on vimeo. The gif posted above is a still from that video and click it if you don’t see the sidey special effects. On the whole, this looks like a great initiative and it certainly seems to be a good idea to hit up one of their parties if you are down in the land of the non-anglo ‘Mate’.

As for the singles, they are five absolute dancefloor petardos in todos but the ones I personally liked the most from the collection are:

Other than that ‘Blackship Records’ and ‘In party we trust’ have numerous channels to be in constant touch with you all. So lap it all up and dance until the Sol comes out of the Soul in the following ways:




4 Cities – Tonight

An incredible guitar riff that gets you into the mood right away, super tune: at once hummable, at once danceable! If their last track Ocean was deep, this one is super fun. 4 Cities have surprised me well here..Clearly showcasing the variety they have, this track has everything that makes you wanna dance, swing your head like a zombie on speed, or simply grab the most suitable thing lying in your vicinity and air guitar in front of the slimming mirror on your wardrobe. A great Rap bit in the middle, and fun lyrics that boost your ego, get your adrenaline flowing and make you want to hit on the next pretty young thing you set your eyes on. I might be getting a few sandal/nail marks on my body (not in a good way), but who cares: Tonight, whatever you want!

And again, if you like what you hear, remember that you can register on the 4 Cities website and download all their work for free.