Vera Flash: I am a museum

Very far from our signature selection of music shared on this website, Vera Flash’s video of her single Masochistic from her aptly titled debut EP ‘I am a Museum’ is just so … primal that we had to share it with the wider audience. Eloquence be damned, we are going with the sheer brilliance of bold sexiness for the moment:

I Am A Museum was recorded in Brooklyn, NY. If you like what you hear, listen to her other sounds here:

Movement Ten: Build and They Will Come (Preview)

‘You want to wear me
like a beautiful outfit
now i’m embroidered
into your fabric
please push me down on
onto your mattress….’
And so on, go the lyrics on the song ‘Halo’ from Movement Ten’s soon to be released EP ‘Build and They will Come’.. If you ever had to restore your faith in that adage ‘You can come in more ways than one’, this is the album for it. Well, metaphorically speaking ofcourse! Powerhouse Synths, Kickass Vocals, Belter Rhythms and a perfect blend of so many influences ranging from Depeche Mode to Kraftwerk to Small Black. ‘Shadowless man’ and ‘The Sweet Chap’ take a bow! This album makes you dance, scream, experience extreme joy and is an ego boost and also stirs up some of your more philanthropic/philosophical instincts, especially in those mellow beauties like Children of the Marquee which in some ways could so easily be a George Harrison based Beatles’ track or a Pink Floyd track in one of the post Waters Albums. The album will officially be released on September 23rd, but they were kind enough to send us a preview. Please find below some samples from the album. We would definitely post more about this album when it comes out, but for now enjoy what’s out there:

To purchase their tracks or to stay tuned with the latest updates about the band’s work and other info, please visit and follow them on the social channel of your choice or shop for tracks..

D.V.S : Because


Derek VanScoten, from Brooklyn, USA , has in his own words tried to tresspass into dangerous territory, a.k.a trying to remix a hallowed Beatles’ song. While some purists may have an issue with that sort of thing, if the world operated according to just their whims and fancies, we probably wouldn’t be communicating via this medium right now. I live in a city where the transformation from the old to the new is gradually taking place and juxtaposed amongst monuments of Prussian glory is suddenly something as audacious as the Humboldt Box (google it). And you know what, it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb in the city landscape. If anything, it adds character…Tasteful mixing of the old and new may add a few quirks, provide a few laughs and give things a much needed jolt of freshness, which is exactly what this remix does. It doesn’t try to enhance the old or better it in any way. It is simply an interesting take, a lot of fun and with a unique flavor like a chilli chocolate:

it is a free download too ;)!


LA based hard funk band Stonefeather absolutely ace this song ‘hipster Girl’, which they released about a month ago. This is from their latest album ‘California Air’ and is arguably the most fun song we have featured in a while. With a great video, super catchy tune, exciting vocals, excellent sax work and a great overall mood to boot, this is just what the doctor ordered to dance those blues away. The band comprises Ian McCulluch, Zachary Kibbee and Dave Rundell. They seem nice :), so spread the word and buy their stuff.

Keeping it Underground , courtesy Korbian


UK based Korbian, whom we introduced a few weeks ago has been pretty busy in the last few weeks releasing one variant of funk laced laid back awesomeness after another. He seems to be in a great mood too and is giving away a couple of tracks for free, only to spread the joy. Additionally his latest release with VSR records is due on the the 6th of May and here is a partial sample track from that release :

All the very best with this to Korbain!
After that bit of loungey tech house, here is my favourite piece of work by him in the last couple of weeks. Moved every time, has a lot going for it. Deep deep house, great synths and super work on the percussion. You can meditate to it or dance to it or let it play in the background while you do something Mondayne on a Tuesday. Yippey yah yei, Schweinebacke (i know the original, the german one is somehow cuter), this will uplift you! Not quite in ways that Bruce Willis intended, but mostly that’s a good thing:

And now to add a bit of sauciness to the proceedings, the next one is called desire. Some might call it the root cause of sorrow, but then they wouldn’t know what to do tommorrow! This is more garagey and makes you move instantly and can be downloaded for free like the previous one. Lust it out and lap it up:

Hanne & Lorre


German musician/DJ duo of Hannes & Lorre have released some new tracks a fortnight ago. The high-flying moodsetters retain their trademark techhouse infused sound but incorporate a wide variety of unconventional effects and beats to set the dancefloor and your imagination on fire. Without much to say but just lots to admire let’s move to the listening bit:

Young Piff and Sandor – Ain’t no love for asses that don’t shake


Young Piff and Sandor have come up with 2 absolute delights in the last week. First is a super foray into electro for the wild frenzied energy of ‘Shake that Ass’. Have a listen and shake it if you feel it:

And then is this laidback cover of Bobby Blue band’s : Ain’t no love. Very chilled out to start with but gets quite intense as it goes along. Has to be one of their strongest yet:

Casual Lab – Luigi Gori

what color

Berlin based independent digital music record label have come up with their opening EP for the year. It is titled ‘Closer’ and is a solo release for the artiste Luigi Gori. It features 3 tracks which blend well with each other but also stand out as polished individual works. While the title track ‘Closer’ is a peppy dance number, the refreshing nonchalance and moodiness of ‘My Doubt’ and ‘Cut Cat’, showcase the wide range of sounds, creativity and imagination that this artiste possesses. Here are the three gems:

We are excited about the potential creations by this artiste in the not too distant future and are really looking forward to more! Happy Listening!

4 Cities: Games

game for one

A peppy riff, action sport friendly vibe, perfect blend of electronica and guitar: 4 Cities are back with their smashing new single ‘Games’. All I can say is ‘It was worth the wait’. A nice funky 70’s vibe with the aid of modern technology and a a touch of the 90’s in the vocals. Have fun and dance and own your world:



The Blac Swan

So, how about some funky disco vibes then? Swim and Fly on the dance floor to the tunes of this week’s featured band : ‘The Blac Swan’ from NY, USA. According to their soundcloud description, ‘They make modern classics’. Don’t go in expecting Ludwig Van and you won’t be disappointed would be my 2 cents.

A little more detail about them: It’s been about 2 years since they started out. Until now they’d been doing remixes and djing while working on their original songs, and they now have their debut EP released. It’s title is We Flyin’. As we are in the mood for equality today (as some feisty Czech woman who was crowned Miss Earth today might want for the world), we would include our favourite original and favourite remix from the bunch:

The Blac Swan have achieved considerable success in a short while; We Flyin’ had been ranked #1 on Nu Disco Release Chart for 1 week and #14 on overall Beatport’s album Release Chart. If you like what you hear head over to their soundcloud page: and you can buy their tracks on Beatport. Enjoy the funky journey!