ATTU: Staying together


‘Staying together’, awash with soaring vocals, uplifting guitar riffs and bitter sweet lyrics is the fabulous teaser track for what to expect from North Londoner ‘Stefan Antoinette’s DIY project ATTU in 2017. It is a feelgood yet at times melancholic melody shows a lot of promise and we hope that this talented 5 piece band comprising Stefan Antoinette himself, Chike Newman on bass, keys, samples and backing vocals, Joel Mayes on guitar/bass and backing vocals, Millie Wilson on keys, samples and backing vocals and Sean Poole on drums can continue to deliver on this early promise in the near future. We wish the band all the very best and here is the track:

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Rehearsed Living: ‘Stitch in Time’ and ‘To you I dare’ and ‘Props’


Sheffield based Indie band ‘Rehearsed Living’ have recently released a few quality tracks recently which are definite must haves in any music collection. The melancholic ‘Stitch in Time’ envelopes you with its restrained strumming, beautiful work on the percussion and evocative vocals. To you I dare, is a very interesting track which starts with an upbeat tempo and almost happy melody but the vocals are anything but upbeat. It very successfully creates the feeling of sarcasm, challenge or even mockery to an extent and that really fits with the title of the track I suppose. Props, which is the most recent of the tracks that these guys have come out with, incorporates a classic rock almost ‘ballad’ish start but then metamorphoses into a shoegazy tempo and the vocals are really smooth and complement it greatly or prop it up to brilliance. all their songs are downloadable from their soundcloud page which can be accessed using the links provided here:

Slow Hands: All the same (Slow Hands Folk Wash)


A brilliant revamp of one of their older tracks ‘All the same’ by Slow Hands. This is so beautiful, it is beyond words. A wonderful write up about this by the artiste himself can be found at:
As for the song, here it is:

Starar: Summit (New EP)

photo (10)

London based sibling duo Starar have recently released two scorchers for tracks for their EP titled Summit. Whether it is the classy but subtle interplay between the saxophone and the ‘ever-so-smooth’ vocals on the title track or the incorporation of drip/flow sounds of non-stagnant water into a Dire-Straits meet Richard Marx sort of mood experienced on ‘For the Water’, there is much to cherish here:

Alex Autajon – Don’t be Shy

photo (6)

17 year old Frenchman, Alex Autajon, makes music well beyond his years. Each beat is so meticulously placed, each fade, each build up so perfect, this electronic-bassy downtempo blends melancholic synths, jarring piano and soothing basslines to submerge you into a lull only to bring in that sudden drop from time to time which is like waking up from a suspended state under the dreamy waters of your bathtub to the sounds of it suddenly gushing down the drain because life or automated drainage got in the way. Some fresh, clean fun then:

This EP wwas sent to us by Gabriel Conti, founder and CEO of I & XII records. For more such stuff:

Michael Lovisa: Moby – Last Day (Remix)

last day
Michael Lovisa, a 25 year old producer and multi-instrumentalist from Italy, has created a delicate chilled out mix of Moby’s melancholic track Last Day. Very nice work and available for free. This track also gave us the opportunity to delve into his past and listen to his soothing tracks. We will leave you here with an ensemble of what we liked most. Ladies and Gentlemen, Michael Lov is a …

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Movement Ten: Build and They Will Come (Preview)

‘You want to wear me
like a beautiful outfit
now i’m embroidered
into your fabric
please push me down on
onto your mattress….’
And so on, go the lyrics on the song ‘Halo’ from Movement Ten’s soon to be released EP ‘Build and They will Come’.. If you ever had to restore your faith in that adage ‘You can come in more ways than one’, this is the album for it. Well, metaphorically speaking ofcourse! Powerhouse Synths, Kickass Vocals, Belter Rhythms and a perfect blend of so many influences ranging from Depeche Mode to Kraftwerk to Small Black. ‘Shadowless man’ and ‘The Sweet Chap’ take a bow! This album makes you dance, scream, experience extreme joy and is an ego boost and also stirs up some of your more philanthropic/philosophical instincts, especially in those mellow beauties like Children of the Marquee which in some ways could so easily be a George Harrison based Beatles’ track or a Pink Floyd track in one of the post Waters Albums. The album will officially be released on September 23rd, but they were kind enough to send us a preview. Please find below some samples from the album. We would definitely post more about this album when it comes out, but for now enjoy what’s out there:

To purchase their tracks or to stay tuned with the latest updates about the band’s work and other info, please visit and follow them on the social channel of your choice or shop for tracks..

London Grammar – Interlude (Rain City Riot Remix)

london city grammar

Find me a beholder who doesn’t find this beautiful and I’ll show you a liar! Melancholy vocals blend seamlessly with the gut wrenched piano work and the contrastingly upbeat rhythm, quite possibly making this the bittersweet symphony of our times. For one of those moments when you just want to sit back and dwell and come to the conclusion that you are what you are and things are what they are and it is best to just accept and embrace albeit with a somewhat heavy heart.