Thyrsday: Touche


Very seldom does one come across a track that has the appropriate smuggness, chutzpah, emotional backstory and musical quality that could make it a potential candidate to be part of the soundtrack to a Tarantino movie. ‘Touche’, the titletrack from the soon to be released (EP) by Sydney based Thyrsdayband, is a story in itself and so much more. Lead singer and songwriter Nikki Malvar has a great playful voice that communicates so much between the lines than the lyrics seem to suggest. This vocal quality is perfect accompaniment for the brilliant bluesy riff, that is catchy as hell and paints an exquisite picture of a different time and setting. This was the teaser track from the EP, which will feature six tracks in all and is expected to be out on 15.12.2014. We shall wait with bated breath and until then make do with this musical masterpiece:

Bella Loka: Escape (EP)

A powerful husky voice, sometimes almost classical, sometimes straight out of the 80’s! Camden Town, London based synth-pop husband/wife duo Tea and David Boothby combine wonderfully to belt out crazily beautiful winners in their musical avatar, which is aptly titled: Bella Loka! Their first EP Escape bounces Tea’s gorgeous voice against infectious vibrant melodies, sometimes almost satirically cheerful and at others appropriately ambient. Give it a listen, croon and buy some tunes:

This Album is available on iTunes and the band can be followed/supported using the following links:

Lucky is the Lion: Elevator Speech


It starts of with the breezy paced ‘Avenue’, where the protagonist professes his anxious love by pacing up and down her ‘Avenue’. With a great drum beat and guitar work, which really give a feeling of the to and fro movement and anxiety described in the lyrics, you know that ‘Lucky is the Lion’ is going to be one band that you cherish for a long long time. Awesome metaphors, lovely interludes, and very interesting vocals can be enjoyed on every track of this great debut EP superbly titled ‘Elevator Speech’:

If you like what you hear, you can keep yourself updated about their latest conquests:

Sleepless Inn: The Rainbow Room and others


The smooth enchantment of Laura Finlay’s vocals set against a backdrop of casually intense electro-pop beats by Eddie Logix, add some very promising songwriting skills to the mix and you have the captivating debut album ‘The Rainbow Room’, by Detroit based Sleepless Inn. Some samples from the debut album:

They have recently also released an evocatively trippy single called ‘Escalators’. Very energetic rhythm around this one coupled with an overall feeling of ‘insubstantiality’, if that is a word! Sort of like a soundtrack to what Kundera must’ve been thinking when he coined the title ‘The unbearable lightness of being’! Not the best thought when travelling on an escalator though :):

Sleepless Inn can be followed 24/7 at:

Alex Autajon – Don’t be Shy

photo (6)

17 year old Frenchman, Alex Autajon, makes music well beyond his years. Each beat is so meticulously placed, each fade, each build up so perfect, this electronic-bassy downtempo blends melancholic synths, jarring piano and soothing basslines to submerge you into a lull only to bring in that sudden drop from time to time which is like waking up from a suspended state under the dreamy waters of your bathtub to the sounds of it suddenly gushing down the drain because life or automated drainage got in the way. Some fresh, clean fun then:

This EP wwas sent to us by Gabriel Conti, founder and CEO of I & XII records. For more such stuff:

Gosh Pith


A very promising and aptly titled single ‘Waves’ from Detroit based indie pop band ‘Gosh Pith’ just sauntered into our beloved inbox today. The song has a  trap-style beat coupled with mind bending sinusoidal vocals that unify you with the ‘ups and downs’/’struggles and releases’ ,which make up the theme of the song. For long you’ll live and high you’ll fly but only if you ride the tide:

The song is  available as a free download and you can follow Gosh Pith on the following social media sites:

Baby Guru: Marginalia

baby guru

Our friends from Greece, Inner Ear records, have forwarded us the latest album of Baby Guru titled Marginalia. This comes a year and a half after the highly regarded and positively reviewed ‘Pieces’. In that time, the band, comprising Prins Obi, King Elephant and Sir Kosmiche, have largely been playing live and travelling around the mediterranean and the rest of the world, to get their creative juices flowing and have worked on expanding their margins and pushing their boundaries for this superb and ambitious release aptly titled ‘Marginalia’. With the help of the band’s unofficial fourth member (Christina) they attempt to fuse high quality pop with synthesizer music and riveting grooves. The album was mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, New York. 11 tracks create a cohesive whole, brimming with lyricism, electrifying, atmospheric sounds and irresistible hooks. The Album is available for purchase on itunes and an absolute scorcher of a sample track to give you a flavour of what to expect:

Jargon Party


Having a great a mellow time listening to the wonderful Beatles’esque sounds on Lucy Melanie by Portland based ‘Jargon Party’. The lone band member Zach Lewis shifts from paying tributes to the fab four, but his head is still clearly in the sky with Diamonds on the soothing and deliciously warm ‘Will you space tonight’:

Rehearsed Living: The Lie is The Dream


We are in love with the latest tracks by one of our perennial favourites Rehearsed Living. There isn’t much that we haven’t said already about this Sheffield based Indie band. As always the work is exquisite and every track is a unique gem. Although their latest album can be downloaded for free at:, we urge you to atleast make a contribution so as to encourage such rare and beautiful artistry. A few of our favourites: