ATTU: Staying together


‘Staying together’, awash with soaring vocals, uplifting guitar riffs and bitter sweet lyrics is the fabulous teaser track for what to expect from North Londoner ‘Stefan Antoinette’s DIY project ATTU in 2017. It is a feelgood yet at times melancholic melody shows a lot of promise and we hope that this talented 5 piece band comprising Stefan Antoinette himself, Chike Newman on bass, keys, samples and backing vocals, Joel Mayes on guitar/bass and backing vocals, Millie Wilson on keys, samples and backing vocals and Sean Poole on drums can continue to deliver on this early promise in the near future. We wish the band all the very best and here is the track:

For any enquiries, you can contact their agent Molly Dunne at

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Brunettes shoot Blondes: Every Monday

Ukrainian band Brunettes Shoot Blondes, who recieved a lot of fame for their viral youtube sensation ‘Knock Knock’ have released an aesthetically pleasing lyric video for their Eurovision 2016 finals selection ‘Every Monday’. They’ve taken the unusual approach of printing every line of the song in handcrafted calligraphy provided by Gian Solamo. Each line was physically pasted on the drum set for every line change in the song. The result is something of beauty for everyone who appreciates beauty and more so for those who are enthralled¬† by the seduction of typeface done right. In short, it is a beautiful looking video for a very catchy song and the hot legs are a bonus. We love it and hope that you love it too and spread the joy.