Twin Haus: Nothing Lavish


Psychedelic Synths, Trippy Drums, Haunting reverb, poignant punctuating guitar solos and thumping drum work. The music is clearly reminiscent of Pink Floyd with shades of Dreamtheater (especially the drum work) and the vocals range between the earlier Floyd albums like Meddle and the kind of stuff one hears in the earlier works of The Verve. Twin Haus is a Meisterwerk (I’m only using German because of the way they spell Haus in their name) with tons of promise and a their album Nothing Lavish is a much needed shot in the arm for this wonderful genre of music that badly needs some rejuvenation. Twin Haus are based in the wonderful city of Brisbane in the land down under and comprise D.Grima, Z.Degnan, I Memon and N McMillan. Their latest album nothing album has been recorded at Bedlam Records, Brisbane. We urge you to support this great bunch of artistes by buying their work in heaps. So, without further ado, please submerge yourselves into this world of welcome mental decomposition:

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