Casual Lab: Anis Hachemi – Days like this (Album)


Anis Hachemi, aka Sin Tek, is back at Berlin based label Casual Lab. He has been busy working on his latest deep house/borderline techno offering which is all the fuel you’re ever gonna need for those groovy all-nighters on the dancefloor at a hip, nondescript club in the capital. Without further ado, here’s a sample of the tracks from the album ‘Days like this’

Rehearsed Living: Time and Space EP


Sheffield based alternative synth pop sensations Rehearsed Living’s latest EP is perfect for a contemplative session of wrapping yourself in a cozy duvet, sipping that Cafe Mocha and getting lost in the immersive melodies that this beautiful piece of work has to offer. Forget the world, make it your time and your place anywhere:


Affairs : Play


Affairs deal with the complexities that affairs of the heart bring about when companionship devolves into one-upmanship. Solid synth, powerful rendition in a voice that screams melancholy and angst in equal parts, this is a thoroughly engaging single from the Manchester based band who, unlike the theme of the song, seem to be truly United. Play is produced by Suede, White Lies and Pulp producer Ed Buller and recorded at The Kinks’ legendary Konk Studios. Give it up for Dan ‘Scintillating Synths’ Parker, Michael ‘Humming Drums that certainly aren’t humdrum’ Bradnam and Jim ‘Vitalising vocal vibrations’Robinson :

Gudjohr: Zed Songs Part 1 & 2


Gudjohr, the solo project of the very talented Kips Golden from Brighton, is out with a very promising musical experience to kick 2016 off. Zed Songs, Part 1 and 2 is a collection of songs written by him (and Tor Sanderson and Jack Harvey on a couple of tracks) over the last 5 years, which is amply clear once you listen to them, courtesy the wide range of musical styles and moods in there. You are taken on a beautiful musical journey with beautiful percussion work, moodishly good strumming and peaty vocals which complement the feeling perfectly like a good single malt does. What I especially like is the way the lyrics are written and how themes described in an earlier track are revisited with more evolved emotions, sometimes more obviously intense and sometimes peppered with wry humour. Some of these are works of pure genius like the sample below:
I can fall in and out of style.
In a way that makes you smile.
In a way that makes you mine.
For a while.
No Tears.
Who knew time could be so cruel?

So without further ado, please have a listen and support the artiste by purchasing 🙂