AFFAIRS: Brothers (Single)

DSC_0889 copy (1)

The upcoming synth-pop single ‘Brothers’ by Manchester based band ‘AFFAIRS’ incorporates prominent vocal hooks and bittersweet lyrics about unconditional brotherly love inspired by the film ‘The Warrior’. This is a very well crafted track where the combination of powerhouse synths with clever guitar work creates an addictive beat that see-saws between optimistic and melancholic very smoothly perfectly complementing the beautifully rendered vocals which take you through a journey of emotions about the highs and lows of sibling relationships, which can prevail despite the numerous obstacles that over-familiarity is often saddled with. Recorded at The Kinks’ Konk Studios and with artwork from Matthew Cooper (Caribou, Wild Beasts, Arctic Monkeys), Brothers is an uplifting track that sees the band’s creative relationship with Suede, Pulp, Courteeners, The Raindrops producer Ed Buller mature to new heights. We would like to thank Futureproof Promotions for making us aware of this awesome track and this very promising band. So, without further ado, enjoy the song:

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