Ape Men : Zero (EP)


A somewhat stylized Prodigy-like beat, thumping electro-drums and fuzzy guitars which ‘conveyer-belt’ you to an industrially degenerated Kasabian meets The Presets world. There are many moments when the “synths could be called Absynths” here and this EP is simply very very special. Band Info: Ape Men (APE|MEN) are an edgy indietronica trio from the post Iron Curtain fringes of the European Union formed in 2013. Take a bow Bobby, Petar and Ivo, this is seriously kickass.

We would like to thank our friends at Independent Music Promotions for bringing this to our attention.

Jordan Esker: Best Supporting Actor


Jordan James Esker created and self-released a great concept album called ‘Best Supporting Actor’ at the end of last year. This is a wonderful album, where numerous Tallahassee based and other musicians contributed their time and talents with Jordan himself contributing to the vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, pianos, Hammond organ, drums, and percussion on several tracks. We are delighted that this year and half long experiment came to fruition in the shape of this beautifully orchestrated, soulful, pleasant and very listenable album. You can find out all the details about who did what and support the artistes by making a purchase at http://jordanesker.com/. For now we would like to leave you with few of our favourite picks:

Tuttle: Sturm und Drang


We were particularly impressed by how individual subjectivity and extreme emotion are given free expression in this dark/brooding Alt-Bluesy offering from Tuttle, whose title ‘Sturm und Drang’ is inspired by a very apt 18th century German literature and music movement. A bit of info about the artiste: singer-songwriter Clayton Elliott (who performs under the moniker Tuttle). The Penzance (UK) based Australian writes and performs music that is a mix of guitars and synthesisers, with lyrics that mix the personal and the political.

A few of the tracks from hislatest EP, that we particularly recommend:

If you like what you hear, support the artiste by making a purchase at : http://tuttleuk.bandcamp.com/. The EP can also be found on soundcloud, itunnes , etc and more info can on his work can be viewed under : http://tuttlemusic.moonfruit.com/sturm-und-drang/4587766669