Slow Hands: All the same (Slow Hands Folk Wash)


A brilliant revamp of one of their older tracks ‘All the same’ by Slow Hands. This is so beautiful, it is beyond words. A wonderful write up about this by the artiste himself can be found at:
As for the song, here it is:

Eaton Cage: The Curve

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UK based two-piece blues rock band ‘Eaton Cage’ have some delightful Led Zep and occassionally Deep Purple inspired distortion-guitar riffs coupled with their own unique vocal and musical style in their debut album titled ‘The Curve’. We wish them all the very best for this. Here are a few of our favourite tracks:

If you like what you hear, pay a visit to their bandcamp page:

Gudjohr: Eliza Glow


Kips Golden, who goes by the pseudonym Gudjohr, returns after the supposed darkness in his last EP, titled Looks Kinds Lunar, to attain an enlightened aura in his latest EP, titled ‘Eliza Glow’. This spiritual awakening is sort of mirrored in the music and vocals of this album which starts off with tracks which sound more like internal conversations until the questioning and finally acceptance in the later ones. Like most processes that shape things and persons to attain a fine cut or a steely resolve, it isn’t easy and the mood of the album is therefore intense and sombre. Having said that, like many other such pleasures in life, this bitterness is very enjoyable, a great exercise in psychadelia, slightly remniscent of the ‘The Wall’. Here are couple of our favourites: