Lucky is the Lion: Elevator Speech


It starts of with the breezy paced ‘Avenue’, where the protagonist professes his anxious love by pacing up and down her ‘Avenue’. With a great drum beat and guitar work, which really give a feeling of the to and fro movement and anxiety described in the lyrics, you know that ‘Lucky is the Lion’ is going to be one band that you cherish for a long long time. Awesome metaphors, lovely interludes, and very interesting vocals can be enjoyed on every track of this great debut EP superbly titled ‘Elevator Speech’:

If you like what you hear, you can keep yourself updated about their latest conquests:

Sleepless Inn: The Rainbow Room and others


The smooth enchantment of Laura Finlay’s vocals set against a backdrop of casually intense electro-pop beats by Eddie Logix, add some very promising songwriting skills to the mix and you have the captivating debut album ‘The Rainbow Room’, by Detroit based Sleepless Inn. Some samples from the debut album:

They have recently also released an evocatively trippy single called ‘Escalators’. Very energetic rhythm around this one coupled with an overall feeling of ‘insubstantiality’, if that is a word! Sort of like a soundtrack to what Kundera must’ve been thinking when he coined the title ‘The unbearable lightness of being’! Not the best thought when travelling on an escalator though :):

Sleepless Inn can be followed 24/7 at:

Park Planet: Too tired to sleep (Remixes)

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Park Planet latest album ‘Too tired to sleep’ featuring a number of great tracks like ‘A little bit longer’, ‘All you need’, ‘Circles’, etc is due to be released next month. To promote this album they have come out with a delectable selection of ¬†freely downloadable remixes of the tracks featured on the album. We liked the remixes a lot and wish Park Planet a lot of success with the album. Some of the remixes, which you could download for free:


Starar: Summit (New EP)

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London based sibling duo Starar have recently released two scorchers for tracks for their EP titled Summit. Whether it is the classy but subtle interplay between the saxophone and the ‘ever-so-smooth’ vocals on the title track or the incorporation of drip/flow sounds of non-stagnant water into a Dire-Straits meet Richard Marx sort of mood experienced on ‘For the Water’, there is much to cherish here:

Maxwell Demon: Murmur

Incorporating interesting voiceovers ranging from the horrors of Count Dracula to the loftiness of the cockpit conversations and aircraft whirring sounds heard on Floydian Masterpieces like ‘Goodbye blue sky’ or ‘Learning to fly’, Maxwell uses his brilliant hazy voice and ambient, downtempo sounds to whisper relevant witticisms into our ears. Aptly titled Murmur, this deserves multiple listens. A few of our favourites from the album: