Astronauts: Hollow Ponds


After the rip-roaring success of their debut single ‘Skydive’, Astronauts are due to release their album Hollow Ponds on the 21st of this month. Lo Recordings, who are promoting this album, were kindough to send it over to us. We love the sound and also the great accompanying bio. This album is essentially a new project from Dan Carney, previously of East London alt-folkers Dark Captain. Initially conceived last year, while Dan was laid up in hospital awaiting surgery for a badly fractured leg, ‘Hollow Ponds’* has been written and recorded with the help of a number of his friends (most frequently former band mate Michael Cranny).

​It is named after the section of Epping Forest, in north-east London, a few yards away from the orthopaedic hospital ward which housed him, and which took on an inappropriately mystical quality in his morphine-enhanced mind as he fantasised daily about being able to walk around it, fibula and tibia intact.

Musically, it revisits the bleepy folkish melancholy so beloved by Dan in his former incarnation, while also taking in some unfamiliar territories. Here are a couple of sample tracks for you to enjoy:

We wish Dan a whole lotta success, and if you like the teasers as much as we do, you can stay tuned to any of the following options for the latest updates:
Astronauts on Facebook (URL:

Astronauts on Twitter (@Astronautheart) (URL:

Astronauts Lo Recordings artist profile (URL:

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