Starar; Renegade Heart

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The awesome sibling duo Starar are out with a new track whose ecclectic musical combinations of vibraphone with a steinway piano and saxophone are a bit renegade but definitely have a lot of heart. This laidback dreamy hummable beauty is aptly titled ‘Renegade Heart’. Tune in for some excellent guitarwork and awesome vocals:

Lifecycle: The Big Picture

London based trio Lifecycle, whose alternative tribal music we featured around half a year ago, have released a super video of them performing their track ‘The Big Picture’ live. Traces of psychadelia interspersed among a very early Zeppelinish drums and guitar work, this is one great performance which is not to be missed. You will be transported to a time when they made it like they should.

Park Planet: A little bit longer

Brilliant vocals, catchy melody, super-smooth riffs, kickass tempo… Rock music as it should be! Glasgow based Park Planet, whose unreleased work we regularly support, have an absolute winner with their debut single and independent release, which you can listen to using the Video link above and purchase at We wish them all the very best and loads of success.

MR KITO: Where are the lizards?

Our friends at Russian Winter Records sent us this MR KITO’s latest Album and we absolutely love the unique sound which is a blend of indie rock elements heard in the early works of Talking Heads and Televesion. A distinctive psychadelic element coupled with the imperfectly perfect diction of the vocals make this an experience worth cherishing over and over again.
MR KITO is the musical solo project of Eric Michot, a French multi-instrumentalist and producer living in Cape Town since 1998.Having played extensively in the local indie music scene, Eric began writing and recording his own songs during 2012.By featuring on several online platforms at once and focusing on simply getting the music out there rather than sales, MR KITO was able to get to the enviable response from music fans worldwide