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Tikkamusic: Lies


Some succulent harmonies whispering sweet little lies. Tikkamusic’s very likeably ambient masterpiece ‘Lies’ was recommended on soundcloud by the band ‘The Low Ready’ whom we just posted about. Cheers:

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The Low Ready


Having a great time listening to some old School classic rock from the stables of Atlanta based rock veterans John Speaks, Paul Curry and Rick Weissinger and ‘western transplant’ Bob Wooley. Very Stonesy feel on the track FGR, which I do admire very much personally as they are my favourite band of all time. The 1300 Demo track has borderline psychadelic elements which create a peaceful and beautiful atmosphere. These guys also seem to have good hearts as their Facebook page Shows them showing their solidarity to some important social causes.Give These Blessed Union of souls a like on their Facebook page: and Get your own dose of satisfaction:

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The Van Doos

A fantastic teaser/taster track from the debut album ‘Fingertips’ of North Yorkshire based indie band The Van Doos! The sound has an unmistakably British element and is sort of like a Verve infused 30 seconds to Mars. It may also be vocally somewhere closer to the earlier Oasis times. Musically, this is much more contemporary, fresh and comprises Simon Hutchinson (lead vocals, guitar), Louis Bamber (vocals, guitar), Fred Baty (bass) and Dom Antony (drums). Produced by Tristan Ivemy (Frank Turner, The Heartbreaks), the first single, ‘Speak Up’, will be released on May 18th and the album is slated for release in Autumn 2014.

The downloadable version of the wide, wild and life-affirming sample track ‘Airborne’ from their debut album:

If you like what you hear and would like to keep yourself updated:

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Hiatus: Blue Rose Code



Vocal, musical, lyrical Magic!   This Hiatus mix of Edina by Blue Rose Code is unbelievably smooth. Needs to be heard to be believed:

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The Airplanes : Young


The Airplanes are out with another super track called Young. This one has melody, nostalgia, poetry and beauty all rolled into one heady rhythm flowing along the beautifully menadering drumbeat to evolve into a super resonant stream of sounds in the immensely hummable chorus

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