R_Garcia Band: Demons to Diamonds

demons diamonds

The sheer versatility and panache displayed on the Album Demons to Diamonds by R_Garcia band is as astounding as it is delightful. By their own description, “Demons to Diamonds” is a collection of eleven original tracks written, recorded, and produced entirely by Randy Garcia and Kayla Webb. In this album the band has managed to dip their toes in multiple genre’s, from the slightly southern guitar and harmonies of their The Walking Dead tribute song “Walkers”, to the faster punk and guitar heavy riffs of “Back The Way You Came”. They even manage a touch of 80’s alternative, channeling The Cure with their song “Dagger”, all while maintaining a degree of Garcia’s signature electronic feel. Though this album would be hard to funnel into one set genre, one thing is for sure. There is something for everyone on “Demons to Diamonds”. We loved it and will post all the tracks so that you can assimilate and immerse as you please:

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