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Baby Guru: Marginalia

baby guru

Our friends from Greece, Inner Ear records, have forwarded us the latest album of Baby Guru titled Marginalia. This comes a year and a half after the highly regarded and positively reviewed ‘Pieces’. In that time, the band, comprising Prins Obi, King Elephant and Sir Kosmiche, have largely been playing live and travelling around the mediterranean and the rest of the world, to get their creative juices flowing and have worked on expanding their margins and pushing their boundaries for this superb and ambitious release aptly titled ‘Marginalia’. With the help of the band’s unofficial fourth member (Christina) they attempt to fuse high quality pop with synthesizer music and riveting grooves. The album was mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, New York. 11 tracks create a cohesive whole, brimming with lyricism, electrifying, atmospheric sounds and irresistible hooks. The Album is available for purchase on itunes and an absolute scorcher of a sample track to give you a flavour of what to expect:


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Casual Lab – n o r r


Berlin based Label ‘Casual Lab’ have released a new EP of their youngest but very talented artiste ‘n o r r’. We are loving the sound as it is very fresh, , captures the nonchalant vibrance of this city and makes you want to dance instantly.

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Eluusif – Hair Like Skillrex


Our favourite Alien is back with a signature dubstep track, where he seems more contemplative than ever. He uses the very human vocals of Adorah Johnson beautifully, to ask some deep meaning existential stuff until he beams in with the more imnportant announcements of the physical attributes he so desires to adhere to the extra terrestrial Hipster Trends which are quite frankly, the more important Need of the hour:

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Finger Tanzen – Le Cirque du Cheval (Original Mix)


A mindboggling feat, this cirucs of riffs, melodies, beats, trumpets and immense joy! The latest track from Finger Tanzen is infectious and will possibly be at the Forefront of the long line of Swiss awesomeness at the world stage for a while! Take a bow and let the show go on:

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Ben Cooling: To Hell with Consequences

ben cooling

Bristol based Ben Cooling clearly isn’t living up to his last name here but if you are up for some melodiously hopeful brooding against the backdrop of some good solid acoustic guitar work please give his EP ‘To Hell with Consequences’ a listen:

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Made Violent

made violent

If their first couple of tracks are anything to go by, Buffalo based band ‘Made Violent’ are gonna be huge. Very ‘Wolfmother-ish’ but distinctly maintaining their own idetity, this seems to be one of the acts to watch out for the year. Love it, dig it, represent it:

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Sam Page: Shine your little light


The pragmatic optimism of Sam Page’s new track ‘Shine your Little light’ is unassumingly infectious. Great work on the drums, well sung and right on the money with the guitars and bass, this is a solid production:

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R_Garcia Band: Demons to Diamonds

demons diamonds

The sheer versatility and panache displayed on the Album Demons to Diamonds by R_Garcia band is as astounding as it is delightful. By their own description, “Demons to Diamonds” is a collection of eleven original tracks written, recorded, and produced entirely by Randy Garcia and Kayla Webb. In this album the band has managed to dip their toes in multiple genre’s, from the slightly southern guitar and harmonies of their The Walking Dead tribute song “Walkers”, to the faster punk and guitar heavy riffs of “Back The Way You Came”. They even manage a touch of 80’s alternative, channeling The Cure with their song “Dagger”, all while maintaining a degree of Garcia’s signature electronic feel. Though this album would be hard to funnel into one set genre, one thing is for sure. There is something for everyone on “Demons to Diamonds”. We loved it and will post all the tracks so that you can assimilate and immerse as you please:

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Reigen: Play it Cool


Totally loving the Duran Duran meets mellow hip-hop sound on Brooklyn based Reigen’s ‘Play it Cool’. What better way to beat the March Madness:

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