At times Roxette-ish at times bordering on Iver-y, the versatile soundscapes created by sibling duo Jenna and Steven Staraar paint many pictures across several genres and yet manage to maintaion a distinctive feel throughout the diversity. The music is a lot of ,incorporating elements of modern rock, glam pop as well as the ethereal minimalistic and classical aesthetics more commonly associated with post rock. A sampling of the Starar-Dust:

They live and work in the UK and you can follow their exploits on:

Gudjohr: Looks Kinda Lunar

Very relaxing, ambient and peaceful, the new album ‘Looks Kinda Lunar’ by Gudjohr is excellent. Each track has been carefully crafted with great focus on detail and the album together is wonderfully layered. The electronic and post/ambient rock combination creates great vibes and wonderfuly mellow tones which wonderfully complement the soothing vocals. Gudjohr was formed as a solo roject by Kips Golden (Guitarist in Saint Elmo and Bassist in The Best of British Suicide) in 2012. Lets hope Kips continues to Keep it golden 😉 :

The Noise Figures


The warm fuzzy, hazy and old school garage rock from the self titled Album by Athenian band ‘The Noise Figures’ has us pretty impressed. With ist Kerouacian inspirations, it highlights the experiences, influences, passing adventures and wisdom that the diversity of travel brings about. The gruffy extended vocals on most of the tracks, experimental music on songs like Bones and Tame the Knife and the overall kickass powerful guitar work, create a very unique blend of Greek/American Fusion, which is worth multiple listens:

This Album was sent to us by our friends in Inner Ear, which is an independent record label, that was established in 2007. It is located in Patras, Greece. They have a very good and enviable line up of extemely talented artistes that you could check out via their Website:


Moon & Sun by Vincent Liou


What I love is the simplicty of it all! Vincent Liou’s heartfelt, clean, uncomplicated piano based Indie Pop warms its way into your heart and brings a smile to your lips. A Little cheesy? Yes, but everything is good in small doses from time to time.. A singer, musician and songwriter who clearly has his heart in the right place and enough vocal and musical range to deliver just right amount of romantic magic without overdoing it. Bring out the red wine, light those aromatic candles:

Jargon Party


Having a great a mellow time listening to the wonderful Beatles’esque sounds on Lucy Melanie by Portland based ‘Jargon Party’. The lone band member Zach Lewis shifts from paying tributes to the fab four, but his head is still clearly in the sky with Diamonds on the soothing and deliciously warm ‘Will you space tonight’: