Rehearsed Living: The Lie is The Dream


We are in love with the latest tracks by one of our perennial favourites Rehearsed Living. There isn’t much that we haven’t said already about this Sheffield based Indie band. As always the work is exquisite and every track is a unique gem. Although their latest album can be downloaded for free at:, we urge you to atleast make a contribution so as to encourage such rare and beautiful artistry. A few of our favourites:

The Airplanes: Paper Hearts

paper hearts

After giving us such joy with Summer Daydream about a year or more ago, Arkansas based indie rock band ‘The Airplanes’ are out with ‘Paper Hearts’ which so far is our top contender for ‘Song of the Year’. The peppy beat belies and simultaneously enhances the existential irony of warped expectations vs reality, metaphorically conveyed via clever lyrics such as ‘With paper hearts we were meant to be fair….’. Do yourself a favour and listen to this one and buy it:

Sam Page

sam pagerJPG

California based ‘Sam Page’, whose album Breach we supported last year, continues to impress with with powerhouse releases in the last couple of months. The surreally catchy ‘Do Yo Want to Get Down’ is an unabashed joyride with many interesting twists and turns, especially the guitar work just after the two minute mark. No wonder it has moved into the 5-digit PlayZone on Spotify already. The more recent ‘Release Me’, though not as frolicky, is more meaty with some funky guitarwork, energetic rhythms and really good vocals. We hope you enjoy these as much as we seem to:

Lifecycle: Patterns


Lifecycle, an independent 3 piece from London, have just released the first single of their upcoming LP recently. The track is called patterns and the genre is alternative tribal. The sound is probably unlike anything that you’ve heard before, like someone took the music of John Butler Trio and pepped it up with some strong bass and intense rythm and somehow dropped in bits of Jethro Tull here and there. Very pleasing, very catchy, a definite tour de force to start the year with:

Mirro Blac


On one of my recent travels during the festive season, I was introduced to the sublime music of Leipzig based one-member band ‘Mirro Blac’. The Plate-de-Jour is lazily intense alternative rock sound coupled with lyrics which convey a variety of emotions and it works beautifully. The studio lineup of the project consists of Waan only as its songwriter, singer and instrumentalist, while the live band features various like-minded musicians participating in the reinterpretation of songs for the live setting. So, without further ado, our first artist of the new year:

If you like what yo hear and are in the mood for for some more Leipziggy Stardust, follow Waan and his work at: