Umbrella Bed – Refill

Our friends from Independent Music Promotions sent across this wildly energetic 2tone/ska band called Umbrella Bed and we absolutely love their sound. Picking up on a 2-Tone ska sound might have seemed like a strange choice in the summer of 1995 when Umbrella Bed first assembled itself into existence. By taking the alternative minded but accessible framework the 2-Tone sound offered and infusing it with its’ own diverse sensibilities and influences, “UB” discovered a unique blend which resonates in the alternative music realm. Their enthralling live Performances have brought them to Europe twice as well as given them numerous sold out Shows in the US. Ladies and gentlemen, fill it up and then some more:

Daimaro-Miss America

After a spate of electronic misfortunes over the last month, we are back with a great Remix by Daimaro. The track is Miss America by James Blunt and although I am not really much of a James Blunt fan, this Remix makes the track sound great. Very smooth, very soulful, very detailed.. In the future, James Blunt should always hire Bryce Connolly, which is the real Name of the New Yorker behind the fancy moniker.

And since we are digging his other work too, we would like to spread the joy: