Maxwell Demon: Laidback (video)

If you missed our review of the impressive album Aurora, I suggest giving it a listen via: //

As you might have seen above, this is a video to the wonderful track Laidback from the same album. The unhurried perfection of the waves shaping rocks gently over centuries, the trippy patterns created by droplets of rain water on a windshield, the beautiful incompleteness of sail-frames against the setting sun or the sheer brilliance of a firework dazling acrosss the sky; this video captures the beauty of the small things in real life which we somehow don’t notice everyday, unless ofcourse we slow ourselves down or get laidback enough ;). The partly shaky camera work only makes this more endearing, because….. well, my eyes don’t really see the world as stably as the motion free/retina display/ true HD evangelists would have me believe.

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