The Night: I am And Say (EP)

the night
Around the same time last year we featured a couple of tracks by a band, from Sydney, called The Night. They are about to release their EP on December 23rd this year and we wish them all the very best. All the four preview tracks are great. As we noted last year, the band has a very diverse variety of sounds and the lead singer has a superb vocal range which blend very well to depict the various smelancholic moods of this EP especially well. Enough said from our side for now, here are the tracks:

If you like what you hear, please purchase the tracks whe they are out! Cheers!

Flora Tropics

On this hazy, cold and damp Saturday morning, the band bringing us some much needed musical cheer is East London based quartet: Flora Tropics. Joe Aybak- vocals/guitar, Shaam Azhari- vocals/guitar, Thom Critchley- bass and Josh Bisset- drums create some splendid music which can best be described as classical indie rock sometimes insterspersed with grungey downtempo electronic interludes. Very pleasant, very promising and very high on repeat value:

Michael Lovisa: Moby – Last Day (Remix)

last day
Michael Lovisa, a 25 year old producer and multi-instrumentalist from Italy, has created a delicate chilled out mix of Moby’s melancholic track Last Day. Very nice work and available for free. This track also gave us the opportunity to delve into his past and listen to his soothing tracks. We will leave you here with an ensemble of what we liked most. Ladies and Gentlemen, Michael Lov is a …

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Aurganic: Deviations

Aurganics! Like the chemical symbolism of their name suggests, they might as well be Goldsmiths! The duo comprising Mike and Leo, who have teamed up with super vocalists like Joel Goguen and Scott Carruthers for their latest album Deviations, have delivered a kaleidoscope of sounds, lyrics, experiences and concepts that interplay beautifully leaving you spellbound, elevated and entertained. This album is a triumph and we would like to get straight to the point by posting all the tracks:

We would like to thank James Moore from Independent Music Promotions for sharing this with us!

Simon & the Bande à Part: Blinking and Breathing


Sentimental, introspective and foot tapping at the same time, Cape Town based Simon & the Bande à Part’s fourth album Blinking and Breathing is a beautifully written, wonderfully executed piece of work juxtaposed with relateable metaphors and dollops of sentimental humor. This trio comprises Simon on vocals and acoustic guitar, and ‘the outsiders’: Eric Michot (aka Mr Kito) on bass and Ross Campbell (Urban Creep, Benguela, Fetish) on drums. Produced by Ian Pritchett ( who also produced some albums by Angus & Julia Stone), this album seems to rightfully be headed towards continuing and adding on the successs and adulation that this very talented group has achieved thus far with their last three albums. A few samples from the album:

If you like what you hear, check out their website and choose your method of continued association 🙂

Stoney: More than Animals


This is just such a pure, honest and brilliantly executed piece of work from UK origin Texas based artiste Stoney! Justifiably compared to the likes of Bowie and Arcade Fire, this is one of the most promising albums of the year. We hope that the Stoney lives up to this promise and continues to push his boundaries, create powerful classics like Defiantly Loved, and give us so much joy for many more years to come. Here are some of our favourites from the album:

We would like to thank James Moore from Independent Music Promotions for sharing this with us!

Maxwell Demon: Laidback (video)

If you missed our review of the impressive album Aurora, I suggest giving it a listen via: //

As you might have seen above, this is a video to the wonderful track Laidback from the same album. The unhurried perfection of the waves shaping rocks gently over centuries, the trippy patterns created by droplets of rain water on a windshield, the beautiful incompleteness of sail-frames against the setting sun or the sheer brilliance of a firework dazling acrosss the sky; this video captures the beauty of the small things in real life which we somehow don’t notice everyday, unless ofcourse we slow ourselves down or get laidback enough ;). The partly shaky camera work only makes this more endearing, because….. well, my eyes don’t really see the world as stably as the motion free/retina display/ true HD evangelists would have me believe.

Sharam and Anousheh : On and On (D.V.S. Remix)

photo 3

Fantastically heavy bass, great lingering vocals and a very groovy dub-step vibe could make this Sharam and Anousheh classic go On and On, much like its name suggests. Dim those lights, look at that lava lamp and sink into that soft abyss of your couch with this one:

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