James Dean Claitor

We thoroughly enjoyed the work of James Dean Claitor. From the nostalgic ebbs and flows of the nineties in ‘Invisible Man’ to the soothing clarinet of ‘Second Chance’, the delightful inconsistence of ‘Fallen Angel’ and the consistent intensity of ‘Just Saying’, all the tracks tell a story and paint imaginary pictures of the relatable moments they depict. Below are a few samples:

If you like his work show him some encouragement at: https://soundcloud.com/james-dean-claitor

Casual Lab: Hounds with waggy tails

A.N.I.C.E celebrates a successful 2 years of her Berlin based record label Casual Lab in style with this warm, melodious, smooth Gluhwein of a song that tames your inner hounds while you get swept away by its rhythms and have no choice but to obey: