Showroom Dummies


London based power trio ‘Showroom Dummies’ are just so much fun. Excellently overdone vocals, super drums and a plethora of sounds from unusual sources spice up their already delectable tunes brilliantly. A bit of info about the band:

‘Gigi (pronounced ‘gee-gee’ and he is not a girl!), Pharoah (now, that’s a name! he LOOOOVES tennis!) and Kevin (he speaks “Brezhoneg”) met at a warehouse party somewhere in East London. They were making some serious noise playing unconventional instruments (you know…those “never seen” instruments you’d find in the neighbour’s rubbish bin) until some drunken pointy shoes dude from Dalston said: ”hey guys, what’s your band called?”. Whether he was fooling around or not, they took it as a sign.’

Now that you know a bit about the scientists, familiarize yourselves with their experiments:

If you like what you hear:

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