Movement Ten: Build and They Will Come (Preview)

‘You want to wear me
like a beautiful outfit
now i’m embroidered
into your fabric
please push me down on
onto your mattress….’
And so on, go the lyrics on the song ‘Halo’ from Movement Ten’s soon to be released EP ‘Build and They will Come’.. If you ever had to restore your faith in that adage ‘You can come in more ways than one’, this is the album for it. Well, metaphorically speaking ofcourse! Powerhouse Synths, Kickass Vocals, Belter Rhythms and a perfect blend of so many influences ranging from Depeche Mode to Kraftwerk to Small Black. ‘Shadowless man’ and ‘The Sweet Chap’ take a bow! This album makes you dance, scream, experience extreme joy and is an ego boost and also stirs up some of your more philanthropic/philosophical instincts, especially in those mellow beauties like Children of the Marquee which in some ways could so easily be a George Harrison based Beatles’ track or a Pink Floyd track in one of the post Waters Albums. The album will officially be released on September 23rd, but they were kind enough to send us a preview. Please find below some samples from the album. We would definitely post more about this album when it comes out, but for now enjoy what’s out there:

To purchase their tracks or to stay tuned with the latest updates about the band’s work and other info, please visit and follow them on the social channel of your choice or shop for tracks..

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