London Grammar – Interlude (Rain City Riot Remix)

london city grammar

Find me a beholder who doesn’t find this beautiful and I’ll show you a liar! Melancholy vocals blend seamlessly with the gut wrenched piano work and the contrastingly upbeat rhythm, quite possibly making this the bittersweet symphony of our times. For one of those moments when you just want to sit back and dwell and come to the conclusion that you are what you are and things are what they are and it is best to just accept and embrace albeit with a somewhat heavy heart.

Floridas’ & ROOM : Another Place

Well we have been away for a while. Part of it has to do with us being really busy for a few days. Not once did we lose sight of our committment to bringing you guys the great music that a lot of underrated but brilliant musicians have been coming up with. And partially it has to with bugs in smartphone apps which somehow made us miss this gorgeous video to a gorgeous track by new artiste Floridas’. I logged into facebook on a laptop after ages and discovered that the Facebook Pages app has been malfunctioning sometimes. Anyways, better late than never!

One viewing of this video makes you realise how well the sound and the visuals combine and create this uplifting/east vs west/colourful/fresh/sunny/relaxing/refreshing/seaside experience. The guys behind the track ‘Another Day’ are caled Floridas’ and the video has been created by a film collective called Room. As you can imagine googling combinations of Floridas’, Room, Another Day can bring you a plethora of unnecessary results, I haven’t been so lucky with sifting through the piles of internet trash and get more information about these guys. I hope to hear from them soon again, so till then enjoy this great video which can be watched endlessly and then some more.. Cheers!

Update: Soundloud links found:

For more Floridas’ sounds:

Prevrat: Symbols

With his unique distorted Punky Pop-adelia, Ric Gordon aka ‘Prevrat’ might’ve created one of the most compelling records of the year. Symbols is a beauty of an album. Each track is a masterpiece and the album together is a work of art which might give the combined works of all the so called old-world maestros a run for their money. It combines punk, synthpop, ambient, electronic sounds and the deep resonating tones and sweeping synths perfectly complement his mildly husky voice as well as the superbly crafted lyrics. All the tracks are great and I shall post them all below as I am unable to pick favourites here. This is an album available for free or you can name your price. Please name your price, so that this wonderful artiste is encouraged to bring us more such works of genius for a long long time.

Joshua Worden

Atlanta based solo R&B Jazz musician Joshua Worden has just released his new album of down tempo slow burners titled ‘Always This’. We were very impressed by his delectable melodies, smooth voice and top-notch production values. We will start off with what we believe are his finest works yet. We will start off with the video posted above ‘Midnight’ which is in spirit similar to ‘The Stranger’ by Billy Joel, but the tracks themselves are as different as chalk and cheese. I found myself gently swaying to this one (without realising it for a while) as it slowly draws you in and you let yourself go:

The next track that impressed us with its lovely changes in tempo, immaculate use of instruments by introducing them just at the perfect moments and theme of dealing with ageing gracefully or otherwise is called ‘Like a Rose’:

If you enjoy these samples of his work please pay a visit to his website: and follow him on the social medium of your choice from there.