This Much : Decision/Spiral


2 lovely tracks from Boston based ‘This Much’ , from their latest EP released earlier this month. Both are melodious, great rhythm, soothing vocals, songs that you can listen to forever. The sound is very upbeat, very bright and generally add that zing to your mood. The first one is Decision, where they deal with the ‘blessing in disguise’ sort of stuff that life sometimes gives us, so that we don’t slack off and do something worthwhile. Very well sung, very well mixed. The next one is Spiral, which I haven’t completely understood lyrics wise, but it sounds great and has a very nice easy feeling to it. I guess I haven’t really introduced the band in my earlier post about them. They are: Terrence Mulhern – Singer/Guitarist/Keyboards/Recording Technician/Mixing Engineer, Denny Kennedy – Drums/Manager, John Stricker – Bass. And finally the songs, which are free to download:

Please spread the word about this very talented band far and wide. Their website is:

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